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Mind/Body After Baby: Month 11

  • October 20, 2015
  • By Brittany
Mind/Body After Baby: Month 11

A year ago I felt like it was not possible for me to get any bigger. I didn’t actually know how I was going to make it a whole other month. At the same time, I was savoring the last few weeks of mild temperatures and being a twosome. 

Now, a year later, I’m preparing for a first birthday, a toddler and life filled with laughter, fun and the unexpected.


Oh man, I can’t believe how many strides he has made recently.  The most notable being his understanding of the word “bye, bye.”  For a few months he has been babbling and making talking noises and we are pretty sure he is saying mama and dada but his use is somewhat indiscriminate. But when I say “bye, bye” he starts to wave. He actually understands the concept of bye, bye and wave! Yet to be determined whether he understands that means someone I leaving.

11 months

He continues to clap with abandon and everything deserves a clap and a smile in his mind! It is so funny because I can just start laughing and he will start laughing. He doesn’t know what is funny but if I’m laughing, it must be funny! A few occasions we have caught him laughing on his own like when he is in the car and can’t see us. No idea on that one!

11 month fakeout

The kid has also discovered his own poop. Warning: gross story ahead. When we were in NYC recently, I was unpacking and it became very quiet (never a good sign).  I looked up for Cooper and didn’t see him and started calling his name. I found him in the bathroom having knocked over the trash can with his dirty diapers in them. He had managed to get one undone and had poop in his hands an smeared on his face. It was by far the grossest thing I’ve experienced!! I wanted to run and hide.  Cooper, of course, smiled.

11 month baby

He has become so active: crawling up slides, climbing anything he can and just generally trying to move!  I need to take him to more Gymboree like classes because he loves that jungle gym type feel.

11 months gymboree

11 months subway

Of course, someone’s he is keen to just sit… as long as it involves something messy like this exploration class I took him to. They put out edible things like avocado, powders, pastes, jams an more and a huge brown paper tarp. The kids were given paint brushes and encouraged to go for it.  For the record, he spends most I the day crawling away from me so he can get into something naughty. But on this particular day when I had real person clothes on, he decided it was essential that he crawl over to me and give me several messy hugs and kisses.  I think perhaps I underestimate how much this kid knows.  I think he is a man with a plan!!!

photo 1

photo 2


Hmm well I only really have good things to say!  I’m getting plenty of sleep and enjoying spending time with the little guy. I am totally back to my normal workout routine and all my skinny jeans fit (yay!).  The Hubs and I feel pretty lucky! 

ilhabela 1

family photo in ilhabela

By Brittany, October 20, 2015
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