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When Your Body is Your Job

  • November 9, 2015
  • By Brittany
When Your Body is Your Job

As a blogger, I’m used to putting photos out there for people to see about my fitness activities.  I see other bloggers posting similar photos of their own fitness journeys and we support each other by posting comments and sharing on social media.  But what happens when you move beyond the blog or the blog is an extension of your business?  For example, a personal trainer or a nutritionist use their blog as a way to promote their business.  Or, like me, you are a fitness instructor with your own business and you want people to be inspired by your blog and your social media and the photos you post?

Putting yourself out there on the internet is difficult no matter what.  You open yourself up to criticism, mean and ignorant comments and a sense of entitlement by the general public.  But when you do it for business purposes, it is even more frightening.  Beyond trying to inspire people, these photos are also meant to drive business to your product.  For example, I want people to see my social media or blog posts and sign up for my videos and classes because they like what they see.  But that’s just it, do they like what they see?


[bctt tweet=”What happens when your body image is part of your job? #fitness #fitspo”]

It’s one thing to have a blog and talk about fitness for your own personal use, but when you want to actually create revenue from this, you start thinking “how do I look?”  You become concerned with not only whether the photo is inspiring but whether you look fit enough for people to want to spend money to do the same workouts you do so they can look like you.  When you think about it, that is a lot of pressure!  


I’m guilty of it too.  For example, some of the biggest names in internet fitness like the Tone It Up girls, Kayla Itsines and Blogilates are so successful because people look at them and they want to look LIKE them.  I feel the same way!  Those ladies look great!  It is hard not to compare and start thinking, “maybe I need to step is up?”

straight leg single leg stretch 2

But then I remember something from Gabrielle Reece when she spoke at Blogfest.  She said it isn’t personal and to remember the 30/30/30 rule– 30% of people love what you do, 30% hate and 30% don’t care!  And she is so right.  No matter what I do or look like, there will still be people who don’t like or care what I do and (hopefully!) there will always be 30% who do!

So even though there is a lot of pressure to look a certain way to try an attract more clients, I think you have to do what makes you happy and not worry about the rest.

[bctt tweet=”Do what makes you happy and don’t worry about the rest. #fitness #fitspo”]

Readers, do you feel pressure to look or act a certain way for your job?

By Brittany, November 9, 2015
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  • Megan @ Skinny Fitalicious
    November 9, 2015

    I have gone back and forth with these questions in my own head especially now that I’m transitioning careers and have suffered a lot of injury set backs. I’ve always resolved that the people I want following me, would not judge me for how I look. If they do, then we’re probably not a good match.

  • Christen
    November 9, 2015

    Wow, love that 30/30/30 rule! Sounds like a good rule to live by!

  • Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness
    November 9, 2015

    The 30/30/30 rule is great reminder that no matter what, people are going to criticize you. I definitely can relate to this, especially since I started doing healthy living freelance writing and health coaching. It is a lot of pressure! But like you said, in the end, YOU have to be happy with YOU and live a life that makes you happy.

    • FitBritt
      November 11, 2015

      I think you are so right Nicole! I know working in the fitness and health profession can be tough but I think having a positive attitude (like you do) is what is important!

  • Christine @ Love, Life, Surf
    November 10, 2015

    I too love the 30/30/30 rule – that’s really great perspective. No matter what, people are going to criticize, especially when we post things online and make ourselves available to that. But while appearance might be the first thing people notice, I think what people care more about is the passion, knowledge and experience that an instructor has and soon realize that that’s more important and just looks. And you are clearly so passionate about what you are doing.

  • Holly
    November 10, 2015

    You are so right with the 30/30/30 rule–it applies to most everything! I shall try to remember this rule when in tough situations or situations that were not “created” by me!!! Yet, I am one of the 30% who love your concept (class) on 8 Weeks to a Dancer’s Body–now I will not be one of the 30% or so who can actually restructure my body–but I would like to do the challenge!!

  • Allie
    November 10, 2015

    I think it’s also very hard to keep perspective in this industry! Everyone looks amazing and is very fit and into fitness. The truth is that we are a very small percentage of the population. I’m willing to bet 99% of the people who see you would absolutely kill to look the way you do! Plus, once they meet you, they will REALLY want to be like Britt 🙂

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