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Cooper’s First Birthday

  • November 23, 2015
  • By Brittany
Cooper’s First Birthday

Happy birthday Cooper!  We celebrated Cooper’s first birthday over the weekend with a little cake and some friends and family on Pete’s side.

We finally got a family photo together even if Cooper’s hand was in his mouth!  Our present to the little fella was that shirt he is wearing because I hear 1 year olds are huge fans of clothes for their birthdays.  But seriously, he got so many toys and presents, he really didn’t need anything from us.

mom and cooper

It was funny because even though he was the star of the day, he really preferred to just be off doing his own thing like playing with his toys or getting into a bucket of water or crawling outside in his nice pants even though it had just rained!  I think perhaps all the attention overwhelmed him a bit but we had no major meltdowns so I think it was a success.

first birthday

One thing Cooper really loved was all the food!  We discovered he is a big fan of tzatziki (who knew!?) and the running joke of the day became that we were going to smear his pacifer with tzatziki.  We also discovered that he likes olives.  Who is this kid?!

blow out candles

Despite his love for the tzatziki, he wasn’t a huge cake fan.  I totally pictured him smashing the cake into his face but he kind of just squished it around a bit and threw some across his highchair!


This was, of course, after he tried to grab the fire when blowing out his candle.  He never stops!!

cake cutting

Overall I think it was a pretty successful day and the baby crashed out afterwards for a solid 12 hours without any wakeups during the night so I think it tired him out pretty much!  Plus it was so great to have so many people turn up to celebrate his birthday!  He is a lucky little fella!

eating cake

And because this year just flew by, I put together this little video of Cooper’s First Year!

Readers, what’s your favorite type of cake?  Moms, most surprising food your baby likes?  

By Brittany, November 23, 2015
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