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Upper & Lower Body Combo Workout {New Year Reset Challenge}

  • January 6, 2016
  • By Brittany
Upper & Lower Body Combo Workout {New Year Reset Challenge}

This Upper & Lower Body Combo Workout is the first workout in the New Year Reset Challenge!  It will work your upper and lower body for a quick, calorie-blasting, super-toning session.

Hello hello!  How is the beginning of the new year going for you?  First week back is always tough so I hope you are easing in!  I kind of miss being able to just do whatever I want all day with no schedule but at the same time, I also like getting back into the swing of things… is that weird?  

As promised, I’ve got Workout No. 1 as part of the New Year Reset Challenge.  I think you are going to love this one!  It’s an Upper & Lower Body Combo Workout.  That’s a mouthful to say you are working your arms, your legs and your butt at the same time for one super efficient workout.  You’ll not only tone your arms and legs but you’ll also feel that heart rate climb as you exert effort at both ends of the spectrum.  

Print out the all-in-one workout and take it with you to the gym, check out the gifs for a sneak peek on how to do the movements or watch the mini-workout video for guided instruction.  Choose your weapon, grab some medium heavy weights (I used 5lbs) and get going!

Upper & Lower Body Combo Workout

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Lunge with Bicep Curl

Start with one foot in front and back heel lifted off the floor in a split stance.  Hold weights down by sides with palms facing forward.  Bend knees and lower knees down towards floor to make two 90 degree angles while curling weights up to shoulders.  Return to start position and repeat 16x then switch legs and repeat another 16x.

Plie Tendu

Start in a second position plie with legs wide and toes and knees turned out.  Knees are bent so thighs are parallel to the floor.  Hold weights in front of chest with elbows slightly bent as if hugging a beach ball.  Push off right leg and shift weight to left leg while straightening legs and pointing right toe on the floor.  At the same time open weights out to the side with palms facing front.  Lower back down into a second position plie and repeat sequence to the other side.  Continue alternating sides bringing the weights in and out 24x.

Arm & Leg Pulse

Start in a second position plie with weights in front and lifted at shoulder height with palms facing up.  Start pulsing the plie while simultaneously pulsing the arms out to the sides until they are extended all the way to the side with palms still facing up.  Repeat pulsing the legs and bringing the arms back in to the starting position. Perform the move pulsing out for 8x and back in for 8x (16x total).

Courtesy with Tricep Press

Start with left leg in front and right leg behind left shoulder with heel lifted off the floor and knees turned out towards side.  Incline chest slightly forward and hold weights at hips with palms facing up.  Bend knees and lower down into courtesy lunge while pushing arms back behind you keeping arms mostly straight.  Pulse the arms and the legs at the same time.  Perform 16x then repeat on opposite leg for 16x.

Scapular Squeeze

Start in a second position plie with knees bent deeply weights in hands with palms facing front.  Bend elbows and draw them in just behind the back.  Release the weights out slightly to the side and then pull them in tightly squeezing the scapular muscles together.  Repeat 16x while holding the legs still.

Squat Row

Start with feet just wider than hips and toes pointing forward.  Hold weights in hands with palms facing in.  Bend knees into a squat and push weights out in front of body (not down) and then straighten legs pulling weights up towards ribs.  Repeat 16x.

Get the fully body workout with this video! There are six more bonus moves in the video for extra strength and more calorie-blasting fun!


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Readers, are you happy to be back on schedule or miss long days with no commitments?  What’s your favorite combo work exercise?

By Brittany, January 6, 2016
  • Nellie
    January 7, 2016

    What an amazing workout!! I love that you did the gifs too, now I know exactly what to do. I’m going to try this on the weekend. Looks tough but great!

  • Holly
    January 7, 2016

    Very cool! Like your workout #1 for the Reset Challenge! (also, I am glad to know what gifs stands for) šŸ™‚

  • Carly @ Fine Fit Day
    January 9, 2016

    This looks like a great workout! I’m going to do it tomorrow! And those gifs are such an awesome idea for a workout post, Brittany. I may be emailing you to find out how to

  • Holly
    January 10, 2016

    P.S. I am using this upper and lower body workout with weights in my class this week!

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