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Friday’s Food & Fitness: Eating Ants

  • February 26, 2016
  • By Brittany
Friday’s Food & Fitness: Eating Ants

Hello and happy Friday!  How has your week been?  Besides this everlasting cold that does not want to get better (I’ve had no voice since Tuesday!), we had a good one over here.  In true Friday fashion, we are jumping in with Friday’s Food & Fitness!






This is where it all begins to get a bit crazy!  Last Friday for my birthday, the Hubs took me to D.O.M. (fancy!).   D.O.M. is number 9 on the World’s 50 Top Restaurants and it is the highest number restaurant we’ve been to besides Eleven Madison Park in NYC.  But with such a highly ranked restaurant right here in Sao Paulo, we knew we needed to check it out!

dom birthday

dom birthday 2

We started out with a glass of champers each to toast.  Mine was appropriately pink!

dom cheers

It was funny because most tasting menus we have tried have a list of everything they are going to serve us right down to the tiniest detail.  The menu at D.O.M. was literally: bread, seafood, meat, dessert.  We had asked for the menu in English so we could be sure we were understanding all the complexities.  Needless to say, I could have figured this one out in Portuguese!  Haha.

DOM Food Collage

Everything on the menu was delicious and I was excited by the fact that the restaurant incorporated traditional Brazilian flavors like citronella, seaweed, amazonian fish, a play on feijoada (a traditional Brazilian dish), hearts of palm and more. 

dom citronella

This dish was topped with citronella.

dom feijoada

A play on the traditional Brazilian feijoada.

dom heart of palm

Traditional Brazilian hearts of palm.

dom jellyfish


dom pepper with sake

Peppers filled with sake!!

dom watermelon and seaweed

Watermelon with seaweed.  So much better than it looks and sounds!

And of course, my favorite part of the meal was eating ants.  That’s right you heard me.  They serve you ants.

dom ants

I have to say, the ants were very tasty and I would eat them again.  Bring it on!

dom ants 2

Overall we had a lovely evening full of food and good wine and it was such a lovely birthday dinner.  The service was definitely no where as good as Eleven Madison Park or some of the other top restaurants we’ve been to but it was still a very enjoyable experience.






After that meal, a lot of fitness!  I’ve been trying to take it a little easy with this awful cold but this fun mother-daughter pilates session did happen!

mother daughter plank

My mom and I are the best workout buddies.  Whenever we are together, it is full steam ahead with our workout classes.  This is probably completely driven by me but she is in great shape and loves to go along with me.  Plus she was a good sport with our two person pilates moves!

mother daughter pilates

Readers, do you workout with either of your parents?  Have you eaten ants before?  What’s the best service you have ever had in a restaurant?

By Brittany, February 26, 2016
  • 3
  • Allie
    February 26, 2016

    OMG the ants!!! That entire dinner looks a little crazy but I believe you that it was delicious:-) I would have kept drinking the pink stuff!!!

  • Holly
    February 28, 2016

    The food at D.O.M. Must have been exquisite. The ants are unusual to think of, or even see, in your photos-I wonder if I would have tried them! The Pilates photos of you against the white wall are also exquisite! Nice piece on your buddy workouts! I do have a favourite workout buddy. She makes me better at my workouts- I strive more so with her example and encouragement- not only in my workouts but in everything that I do!

  • Carly @ Fine Fit Day
    March 4, 2016

    You are such an adventurous eater!! I think I would have balked at the jellyfish and ants! That dress is fabulous – you look so beautiful! And I find that anywhere outside of NYC lacks a little in the service department…

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