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This is What Weekends are Made For

  • March 21, 2016
  • By Brittany
This is What Weekends are Made For

Hello friends! I’m so sorry for the lack of posting on Friday. I started to write one and realized I had no recipes or food from the week and then time got away from me! Anyway, I’m back today with a life update. I love reading these on other blogs because it gives me a peek into the lives of other bloggers. I hope you enjoy too!

Friday night Pete and I went out for our date night and I was pretty excited for the location. He took me to a rooftop bar at Unique Hotel.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been to any bar, let alone a rooftop one so I was pretty pumped.  

unique hotel

The view over the city was gorgeous and it was so peaceful sitting outside.

unique date night

Plus, I had this delicious cucumber martini. Yum!

cucumber martini

I don’t really know what Pete’s drink was but it looks cool!

Pete's drink

Saturday was such a beautiful day, we headed outside the city for about 40 minutes and I played a bit of tennis while Pete golfed.

weekend at the club


Of course we had to hit the pool with the little guy.  He was having so much fun until he got a bit cold and I had to wrap him up tight in his towel.  Side note– I know I am so late to the party with this one but I recently started listening to Serial Season 1.  I started about a week ago and I’m nearly done.  It is such an interesting podcast.  Have you guys listened to it?  What did you think?

club de campo

pool with coops 16 months

Sunday we hit the pool but unfortunately I forgot my swimsuit so we went for a bit of a walk instead.

club de campo pool

cooper shopping 16 months

I started using Texture.  Have you heard of it?  It’s an app you can download to your iPad or other device and you have unlimited access to digital magazines?  I’m using the 7 day free trial right now but it costs $9.99 after that.  I’m loving it because I can get my favorites like Cooking Light and Coastal Living but also other mags like InStyle, People Style, Clean Eating and so much more.  Plus, what I always hate about subscribing to digital mags individually is that you have to download them all to your iPad or keep them in the cloud, which means a process of downloading and undownloading every time.  With Texture you can actually read the mags over WiFi and you don’t have to download them unless you want to read them offline.  How cool is that?  Major bonus to my weekend!

Readers, how was your weekend?  Have you heard of Texture?  What’s your favorite magazine?  Did you ever listen to the Serial Podcast?

By Brittany, March 21, 2016
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  • Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness
    March 22, 2016

    Sounds like a fun date night, I love rooftop bars! There’s something so relaxing and nice about being up high overlooking a city with a yummy adult beverage, am I right?!

  • Allie
    March 22, 2016

    Love that rooftop bar! And I think that is a Moscow mule! I know because my husband loves them ๐Ÿ™‚
    And Serial? OMG – so great but who did it??? It’s so confusing. Just when I think I figured it out, I start to second guess myself. I’m looking forward to the appeal and seeing where the case goes next.
    And Texture sounds perfect for me!!! It’s about time someone did something like that. I’m with you on all the ridiculous downloading and then deleting – too much trouble. I will have to check out Texture!
    Have a great week ๐Ÿ™‚

    • FitBritt
      March 23, 2016

      You are definitely right Allie! I asked Pete! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m up to the last episode now and I am so confused too! None of it really makes sense to me but that is always the problem with these cases. I don’t feel the state proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt and there are definitely leads that needed to be followed up, but then I never know who else could have done it!?

      Definitely check out Texture! I really like it!

  • catherine gacad
    March 24, 2016

    i loved the first serial podcast, goes to show how unjust our judicial system can be. someone locked up for life with only circumstantial evidence. totally sad and ridiculous.

  • Holly
    March 25, 2016

    WOW talk about late to the party: everyone tells me about Serial Season and I keep on forgetting or putting off starting on it for some reason! Maybe I should get going on that. Texture sounds perfect for me, too! That you for the reminders . . .

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