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Summer Countdown Workout Plan: Yoga + Pilates

  • May 18, 2016
  • By Brittany
Summer Countdown Workout Plan: Yoga + Pilates

Hello hello! How has your week been so far?  I swear my days just fly by and before I know it the sun is setting.  

Welcome to Week 2 of the Summer Countdown Workout Plan!  In case you missed it, each week for the next four weeks I’m posting a new set of workouts to help get you in shape and ready to go for summer.  Last week we tackled a take-it-outside barre class and this week we are adding in a mix of yoga and pilates–two of my favorite modalities for stretch and strength.  As with my barre workout, you can take this workout outdoors.  Just grab your mat and find an inspiring spot whether it be on the grass, under a huge tree, by the pool, on the beach or wherever you like!    

Countdown to Summer Workout Plan Yoga + Pilates

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How it works:

Print off the printable here and take it with you outside.  All you need is your mat!  Watch the gifs and read the descriptions before you go so you know what you are doing and how many reps!  Do the workout 1-2x through and option to add on a walk or run to up the cardio component!


Countdown to Summer Workout Plan- Pilates + Yoga

The Moves:

Sun Salutation

Start standing with feet together and lift arms overhead breathing in and slightly arching through your back.  Fold forward with a flat back as you exhale.  Reach your fingertips to the ground and inhale as you flatten your back and look up then exhale as you drop your head folding forward and step back into a plank position on an inhale.  Exhale as you bend your elbows, keeping them into your sides, and lower into a chatarunga pushup.  Inhale as you push forward into upward dog lifting your thighs off the ground and arching through your back.  Exhale as you push back into downward dog. Push forward into plank and then step one foot in and then the other foot and round up to standing. Repeat 5x.

Sun Salutation B

Start with Sun Salutation but from downward dog, come forward back into plank and then step one foot into a low lunge, drop the back heel and bend the front knee straightening the back leg and lift arms up to the sky for a Warrior I.  Open arms out to the sides and turn gaze over front fingers coming into Warrior II and then lift the front arm up as you arch back into Reverse Warrior.  Windmill the arms down and complete the vinyasa.  Repeat 6x alternating feet.


Lie down on the mat.  Extend legs long to a 45 degree angle and lift head, neck and shoulders.  Extend arms down by sides and starting pumping arms keeping everything else still.  Inhale 5x and then exhale 5x still pumping the arms and taking short, sharp, percussive breaths.  Repeat 10x.

Double Leg Stretch

From the Hundred position, extend both legs long extending both arms overhead on the exhale.  On the inhale draw knees in and arms towards the knees.  Repeat 8x.


Extend one leg long and the other leg up to the sky, grabbing on behind the leg.  Keeping head, neck and shoulders lifted and hips still, pulse the leg two times and then switch the legs in a scissor fashion and repeat with other leg.  Repeat 16x.


From scissor position, let go of leg and bend one leg in.  Hands behind head, reach opposite elbow to opposite knee and then switch sides bringing the other knee in.  Crisscross 16x.

Rolling Like a Ball (to Chair Pose)

Start balancing on your bottom with toes lifted, knees bent and head tucked towards knees.  Inhale and roll back, as you exhale and rollup, place feet flat on the ground and then stand up into chair pose raising arms overhead. Lower back down to the mat. Repeat 8x.

Boat Teaser

Start with toes lifted and together reaching both arms towards toes in a balance position.  Pull abs in and keep back straight as you lift both arms overhead and then lower legs and arms down towards the mat.  Inhale and lift everything back up to starting.  Repeat 6x.

Downdog Plank

Come into a downward facing dog lifting hips high to the ceiling and keeping heels down towards the mat.  Exhale and push forward into a full plank position and then inhale as you push back to a downward dog.  Repeat 8x.

Lunge Series

Step one foot forward and drop the back knee untucking the back toes.  Lift both arms overhead and arch slightly through the back.  Place hands down on mat and tuck back toes lifting the knee off the ground.  Lift hands off the ground overhead.  Lower back down and repeat 4x then switch sides.

Half Moon

half moon







Stand on one leg with one hand down on the ground lifting the other leg to about hip height and flexing the foot.  Lift the top arm up to the ceiling.  Hold the move.  Repeat other side.  

Childs Pose

childs pose







Come down into a childs pose with head on mat and seat on heels arms extended long in front to rest.


Start in a pretzel position with legs, one leg in front with knee bent and one leg in back with knee bent.  Place hand down by side and then lean over with the opposite hand coming up and over.  Repeat to the opposite side.  Repeat 4x then switch sides.

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Readers, what’s your favorite outdoor workout?  Are you a fan of pilates or yoga?

For Week 1’s Workout {Barre}, click here!

By Brittany, May 18, 2016
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