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Cooper 18 Months

  • May 25, 2016
  • By Brittany
Cooper 18 Months

Oh where do I begin?  I can’t believe Cooper is already a year and a half old!  Time flies when you are having fun and he certainly is.  He has completely progressed from a baby to a toddler and he is so so so funny! 

The biggest thing right now is talking and understanding.  The kid has so many words under his belt now.  He is saying:



Bye bye (to everyone everywhere all the time)

Night night





A loose form of ribbit when he sees a frog

He can also usually mimic a sound you make, for example animal sounds like baa or moo

Me- this one is new and pretty much refers to anything he wants. He wants to be picked up, he puts his arms up and says “me”. He wants to get out of his high chair he tries to get himself out and says “me”. 

Mummy- every time he sees me, whenever he comes into the house and I’m not with him and when he wakes up from naps

Agua for water 

12 days of fitness

18 months 2

Beyond what he says, his comprehension is really strong. When I say to him “where is your wagon?”, he runs and gets it. Or when I ask him if he wants to read a book, he crawls up onto his chair and waits while I pick out a book. If I ask him if he wants a bottle, he runs to the kitchen and then when it is ready, he runs to his bedroom yelling “night, night” because he knows it is time for bed. He seems to understand almost everything I say, except the word no!

Cooper 18 Months 1

 Cooper 18 Months 4

One of my favorite things is when he gets excited his eyebrows go up practically into his head, his eyes get really big and his mouth makes a huge O shape and he says “ohhhhhhh!”  Whenever he sees something he really likes, he does this and it is just so funny!


Cooper 18 Months 5

Cooper 18 Months 3

He is also becoming a bit of a ladies man because in addition to his winking ability, he is also blowing kisses with a loud “muah”. I melt.

18 months 1

And, just to prove he is a keeper, one of his favorite activities is cleaning. He kept going into our broom closet and taking out the mops and brooms so I finally got him his own set. It only came in pink and purple, but he didn’t seem to mind. Although, I guess he decided that the house wasn’t dirty enough because one morning we walked into the kitchen to find that he had spilled an entire box of cornflakes all over the floor and was attempting to sweep it up. #truestory 

This little guy is so so active. Some of his favorite activities include hide and seek (he is very good at seeking), bouncing on my big stability ball, dancing, jumping on a trampoline, climbing, being chased and hanging upside down.  I’ve started taking him to My Gym classes, which are these great “fitness” classes for kids. Every time we go they have the place set up differently and he absolutely loves exploring all the obstacle courses they put together. I’m especially impressed by his walking on the balance beam!

18 months 3

18 months 4

18 months 5

The only thing that makes me sad about reaching the year and a half mark is that in just six more months he will be two and officially no longer a baby at all. But he is so darn cute so I also can’t wait! 

By Brittany, May 25, 2016
  • 2
  • Holly
    May 26, 2016

    Talk about melting . . . .
    . . .
    . . .
    We have been reading this post non-stop! Cooper is Mr. Personality all-day-long and way into the night!!
    Growing wondrously! Keep up the good work, growing (and cleaning), Cooper!

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