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Summer Countdown Workout Plan: Run/Walk + Strength

  • May 27, 2016
  • By Brittany
Summer Countdown Workout Plan: Run/Walk + Strength

Looking for a workout plan that will get you ready for the summer season?  Follow my Countdown to Summer Workout Plan where every week I post a new workout designed to help get you in shape and you can take it outside!

Happy Friday!  I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled Friday’s Food and Fitness to bring you week 3 of my Countdown to Summer Workout Plan.  With Memorial Day this weekend, we are diving into the summer season.  I’ve created these workout plans to get you ready for the summer season and also to encourage you to take your workout outdoors.

In case you missed the first two weeks, check out the Barre Workout and the Yoga and Pilates Workout.  This week we are heading outside for a walk/run and strength combo workout.

Summer Countdown Workout Plan Walk or Run + Strength

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How it Works:

Print off the printable here and take it with you outside.  All you need is something slightly elevated like a park bench, a ledge or a set of stairs and a curb!  Watch the gifs and read the descriptions before you go so you know what you are doing and how many reps!  Start with a 15 minute run or walk then move onto the strength routine below.  Complete the entire circuit 1-2x and end with another 15 minute walk or run.


 Countdown to Summer Workout Plan

The Moves:

Step Up

Stand with one foot on a bench, step or stair.  Push your weight into that foot and straighten your leg lifting the opposite leg up behind you squeezing your glute.  Repeat 12x then switch sides and repeat.


Place your hands on a bench, railing or other surface with your hands just underneath your shoulders.  Bend you elbows lowering down into a pushup.  Repeat 16x.


Sit on a bench or step with feet elevated and hands behind you balancing on your tailbone.  Keep your back flat and your abs pulled in as you alternate tapping one toe down to the ground then the other.  Repeat 16x.

Side Leg Lift

Stand with one foot on a bench or step.  Straighten the leg as you push your weight into that leg and lift the opposite leg up to the side.  Repeat 10x then switch sides.

Tricep Dip

Place hands on a bench or step with fingertips pointing forward.  Dig heels into the ground and scoot seat forward so it is not on the step or bench.  Bend elbows then straighten.  Repeat 16x.

Double Prancing

From the prancing position, tap both toes down and lift both toes back up to tabletop.  Repeat 10x.

Pushup Side Plank

Place your hands on a bench, step or railing just underneath shoulders.  Do one pushup then turn to the side lifting top arm to sky coming into a side plank.  Turn back to center and repeat the pushup then turn to the other side coming into side plank on the opposite side to complete 1 rep.  Perform 8 reps.

Lower Ab Crunch

Sit on a bench or step in the prancing position.  Flex feet and push heels out straightening legs allowing upper body to lean back.  Draw knees in towards the chest lifting chest up.  Repeat 16x.

Teaser Hold

teaser hold








Sit on bench or step and extend both legs straight and up lifting arms towards the toes in a V position.  Hold this pose for 20 seconds.

Hop Up 

Stand in front of a curb or step facing towards it.  Keeping feet together and knees bent, jump up onto the curb or step.  Repeat 20x.

Week 1 (Barre)

Week 2 (Yoga + Pilates)


By Brittany, May 27, 2016
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1 Comment
  • Holly
    June 4, 2016

    This is great! I have a friend who will do this with me the best that he can! TY😄

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