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Friday’s Food & Fitness: Summer Beach Body

  • June 10, 2016
  • By Brittany
Friday’s Food & Fitness: Summer Beach Body

Hi all!  It’s Friday, that can only mean one thing!  Welcome to Friday’s Food & Fitness!  







In case you guys missed the bowl recipes from Wednesday, check ’em out.  They’re great I promise!

Another highlight for me this week was this amazing salad I made for lunch:

fig salad with goat cheese

It is a simple salad of romaine, figs, goat cheese and spiced walnuts (made with olive oil and cayenne and baked in the oven for 8 minutes).  I topped with a simple fig balsamic and olive oil dressing.  Delish!





I’ve been asked a lot lately from some of my clients and friends how they can get a “beach body.”  While the definition of a beach body is probably different for everyone, I can assume that what most people mean is that they want to look and feel good when they hit the beach this summer.  While I certainly don’t advocate for one size, one weight or one certain look at the beach, I can provide a few tips to help you look and feel your best this summer.

  1. Act Confident!  Half of being able to wear a swimsuit is having the confidence to do so.  Unless you regularly go to the beach with Gisele Bundchen then I guarantee you that everyone else on the beach is feeling just as self-confident about themselves.  So take a lesson from all the Brazilians I’ve ever met (including 80 year old women in thong bikinis . . .), just own it.
  2. Drink Water.  Drinking a ton of water will keep you from feeling bloated, it will keep you hydrated and make your skin look great.  Plus, you won’t feel dehydration pains disguised as hunger pains.
  3. Snack.  Yes, I said snack.  But snack on healthy foods like fruit, yogurt and veggies and hummus.  Small meals throughout the day will feel a lot better than big, heavy meals three times a day.
  4. Work It.  Even if you don’t have a goal to lose weight, getting in some fitness strength or cardio will help you feel better about yourself.  And, in the process you may tone up, lose a pound or two or just generally get a little healthier.
  5. Avoid Processed Foods.  These are not going to help you in any way.  Opt for fresh in-season produce and lean proteins instead.  And, if you are craving something really junky, try making a healthier homemade version instead.
  6. Get Active.  Summertime is the best time to be active.  The days are long, warm and full of sun.  Get outside and go for a walk.  Try kayaking or stand up paddle.  Go for a bike ride.  Play a game of tennis.  Try out golf.  Now’s your chance to find something you love and enjoy being outside!

Also, a reminder that Balance Barre Summer Classes on Cape Cod start in just a few weeks on June 28th!  I hope to see you there!
Readers, what’s the best thing you ate this week?  Any tips for hitting the beach this summer?

By Brittany, June 10, 2016
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