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Friday’s Food & Fitness: TRX Plus Barre + Raspberry Salad

  • July 1, 2016
  • By Brittany
Friday’s Food & Fitness: TRX Plus Barre + Raspberry Salad

Happy FriYAY!  How was your week?  Mine seemed to fly by and I always wonder how we make it so quickly to the end.  Luckily I have plenty of photos to tell me exactly what I did.  My week in snapshots:

YMCA Pool!

Beach 19 Months

The Beach!


Balance Barre Classes started!

Thomasland 4


Sandbox 19 Months

Sandbox time!  Notice how most of the sand is ending up outside the box. . . 

Friday's Food and Fitness

Welcome to Friday’s Food & Fitness!






This salad.

raspberry chicken salad

It was simple to make and the flavors melded together beautifully.  The base was a simple spinach and arugula blend and I topped it with grilled chicken, raspberries and spiced pecans (an easy combo of olive oil, pecans and cayenne pepper broiled for 2 minutes on high).  

The toasts were equally easy.  Just sliced bread sprayed with olive oil spray and then broiled for 2-3 minutes on high then topped with blue cheese and broiled for another 2 minutes.  I finished them off with fresh chives.*

Salad with Raspberries, Chicken, Spiced Pecans and Blue Cheese Toasts





Barre Tour 2016 continues this week with two notable additions!  The first being that Balance Bare Fitness classes started on Cape Cod!  If you are in the area, come check us out.  I would love to see you!

balance barre photo

The second being that I tried out Xtend Suspend this week.  It is a barre class combined with TRX and holy moly is it tough!

Xtend Newbury

I think I look a bit unsure here.  Haha!

Xtend Suspend

The class used the TRX in some traditional ways for squats, bicep curls, planks, pushups and other moves.  It also used the TRX as a “barre”, which we held onto to do some of the moves creating an unstable surface making the moves seem a lot harder.  It definitely required a lot of core strength.  While barre has some very challenging aspects to it, TRX works different muscles in my opinion and fatigues you in a different way.  I really loved it!

Readers, did you try anything new this week?  What would your week in photos look like?

By Brittany, July 1, 2016
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