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The Best Way to Wash Your Workout Clothes

  • July 20, 2016
  • By Brittany
The Best Way to Wash Your Workout Clothes

Maybe this is something we don’t talk about much but have you ever been in a fitness class or working out at the gym and all of a sudden you smell something?  Like something bad?  After a quick check, you (hopefully) realize it isn’t you.  And you stealthily move away.  But sometimes you get a little unlucky and realize that stench is coming from you!!!

So how do you avoid these embarrassing situations?  You wash your workout clothes but why do they sometimes still smell?  Here’s how to wash your workout clothes so they don’t smell and you don’t ruin your expensive leggings!

First, make sure your wash on a cold setting.  Hit water will compromise the elasticity and can cause the color to bleed.  Also, a delicate cycle will help protect your clothing.  A longer soak and less spinning is the way to go.

Use a light detergent or a detergent suitable for delicates like Woolite.  Also avoid using fabric softener that can cause your clothes to lose the elasticity. 

If you are concerned with the stench of your clothes, a half a cup of vinegar added to the wash will help sanitize your clothes and get rid of the stench.

Make sure to air dry your clothes in a well ventilated area.  A damp area will prevent your clothes from drying properly and can contribute to a bad stench!

Don’t be afraid to wash your clothes.  Sometimes I feel like I overwash my clothes but you’ll only increase the unwanted scent if you don’t regularly wash your clothes.  Plus, bacteria can grow on your clothes from your sweat so you want to make sure you are cleaning your clothes and getting rid of this bacteria!

Readers, what are your tips for keeping your clothes nice and clean?  Ever had a scent problem at the gym and what did you do about it? 

By Brittany, July 20, 2016
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  • Shawna
    July 20, 2016

    Definitely something I think about and attend to as I do so much running and totally sweat/smell more often than not! I actually use Downy Unstopables in my running washes now and find they really help and add a nice, fresh scent.

  • Holly
    July 20, 2016

    Yes yes yes- a delicate cycle with a small amount of good quality detergent. Air dry delicates in a sunny or non-damp place or tumble dry on “air” cycle. Never let anyone iron your workout clothes for you. They will ruin the elasticity & fit. If you must iron a top do so on a low setting or put it in the dryer on “air” for 10 minutes. If you have stains (from iced coffee, use Carbona.

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