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A Day at Davis Farmland

  • July 25, 2016
  • By Brittany
A Day at Davis Farmland

Last Thursday I took Cooper to Davis Farmland in Sterling, Ma.  It was about a 90 minute drive for is from the Cape but it was 100% worth every second!  We had gone last year, but Cooper was a lot younger then.  This year, he enjoyed it so much more.

After paying my $25 (Coops got in for free!), we headed in to see the animals.  What is great about this place is that you can get right up close with the animals.  We started out with some goats.  We were allowed to go into their pen and pet them.  Cooper had a bit of a difficult time with the idea of “gentle” and kept grabbing at them and trying to hug hem.  But they were pretty docile and didn’t get upset.  There were some cute baby goats too!

Davis Farmland 22

Davis Farmland 1

We walked around all of the animal pens and Cooper had a great time feeding the sheep and running up to the animals.  Some of the animals were allowed to roam outside of their cage, which was pretty cool.  Although the animals could get a little aggressive when you have food so you should supervise your child when they are feeding them.

Davis Farmland 3

Davis Farmland 4

There were also some animal “shows” throughout the day with the staff drawing your attention to the various and animals like the tortoise we saw!  Pretty cool.  Cooper was pretty impressed.

Davis Farmland 18

Beyond the animals, Cooper absolutely loved checking out the play area they had set up.  It was beyond adorable!  They had these miniature houses built and filled with a toy kitchen, table and chairs and more.  Plus lots of fun things outside like a dog house and a lawnmower and tractor.  There were several structures including a barn with a “chicken coop”, a mobile home, a sweet shop, a diner, a market and more.  I just couldn’t get over how well done it was and how cute and clean everything is!  The staff go around and make sure that everything is in order so the toys are always ready. 

Davis Farmland Collage

We also enjoyed riding on the tractor and in the “car.”

Davis Farmalnd 8

Davis Farmland 9

There are several playgrounds, including a special one for toddlers.  We stayed away from those because it was 90 degrees the day we went and a bit hot for those structures.  But we did check out the toddler cars and I let Cooper “race” around the track.

Because it was so hot, we decided that a trip to the splash pad was an absolute must.  It was incredible!  Cooper had such a great time and completely cooled down.  It was done really well with a lot of things to interest older and younger kids.  Cooper just thought running around was hilarious!  

Davis Farmland 5

Davis Farmland 20

What we didn’t go in because he was too young was this huge bubble bath put that your kids can play in and then rinse in the splash pad.  I think Cooper will love it when he is older.

Davis Farmland 6

We had such a great time at Davis Farmland although in the four hours we spent there, we only touched on about half to 3/4 of the things they have available!  It was clean, friendly, well organized and a ton of fun!  Plus the ice cream we got afterwards didn’t hurt either!

Davis Farmland 19

If you are in Massachusetts, this is a definite must do in my opinion!  Your kids will love you!

Readers, when is the last time you visited a farm?  What did you do thanks weekend?  

By Brittany, July 25, 2016
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  • Shawna
    July 25, 2016

    Aww he’s soooo cute! You two look like you had a blast. I haven’t been to a farm in ages…I grew up in the country so there were some nearby but now being a city gal, it’s been a while. I spent my wknd upstate at the lake: running, paddleboarding, hanging with friends and boy and fam…so good.

  • Nicole @ Foodie Loves Fitness
    July 25, 2016

    Awww, this sounds like a great place to take kiddos! I’m sure that Cooper loved getting to see all of the animals. I love baby goats, they’re so cute right?!

  • Holly
    July 29, 2016

    Way to go “local” for fun & for the learning experience! Nice to see families making farming & argricultute work for themselves while sharing with the public!

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