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Visiting the Sao Paulo Aquarium

  • September 12, 2016
  • By Brittany
Visiting the Sao Paulo Aquarium

Phew, doesn’t it feel like it was just Friday?  I swear the weekend goes so fast!  Recently we took Cooper to the aquarium in Sao Paulo to check out the fish and to find something to do during a rainy Sunday.  The last time I took him to the aquarium was on his birthday and it was the Sydney Aquarium, which is well known for its extensive collection and well-done design.  I was not sure what to expect with the Sao Paulo aquarium but went in with relatively low-expectations only to find that I was completely wrong.

We spent about two hours at the aquarium and had a great time!  Although I could have done without the massive anaconda almost immediately when I walked in, there was an extensive collection of animals and sea life.

Cooper was definitely more interactive this time than the last time he went to the aquarium.  He was interested in looking at the animals rather than just running around.  He was quite taken with the turtles!

I was a little scared by this albino alligator.  I’ve definitely never seen anything like that before!


Some of my favorite fish were not exactly up to his speed because even though they were really colorful, they were a bit small and not as interesting.  




For instance, I thought these sharks were pretty darn cool but he was a little more interested in running up and down the nearby ramp.  Hey, as long as you nap buddy!


We had a blast watching a seal show.  They were very well trained and so funny to watch!  I didn’t really see a schedule for when they would be with the trainers so I guess we lucked out.


Although you don’t need a trainer to enjoy the polar bear show!  These guys were so huge and so fun to watch.  One polar bear in particular was really showing off to us by diving under water, swimming up to the glass and then jumping up and landing on his back and swimming away from the glass on his back.  He did it over and over and it was captivating!


One thing that I found surprising was that the aquarium didn’t house just sea life!  There was an entire section that led you through a tour of South Africa, Indonesia and Australia!  It was done really well.  You entered an “airport” with a check-in desk and then walked down the bridgeway to the plane seeing all the possible destinations.  It was so adorable!


I think he really enjoyed being able to see these little animals running around.  He has been more interested in dogs and cats lately, so this was an extension of that to some degree.  It makes me think the zoo will be on our list soon!

Of course our favorite area was Australia!


My two Aussies!

I think Cooper enjoyed the fake Kangaroo more than the real ones.  




And of course, we had to jump on the surfboard and make friends (or frenemies…not sure!) with the shark.



I was excited to see the sleepy Koalas and they seemed to be a big hit with the Brazilians but Cooper was a little bored by their sleepiness!


Overall, I think the Sao Paulo Aquarium is definitely worth a visit and fun for the kids.  It was not overly crowded.  I highly recommend valeting your car.  Even though it is R$30 versus R$10 advertised just by the entrance to the aquarium, the exit is different from the entrance so you get out of your car at the entrance and leave it with the valet.  It is then waiting for you right at the exit!  When we left and saw all these other people trudging through the rain to a not-so-close parking lot, we knew the extra $20 was worth it!

The other thing I recommend is to purchase your tickets online beforehand as they are about half price although the little man got in free because he was under 4! 

Readers, what is your favorite aquarium?  Favorite sea life?

By Brittany, September 12, 2016
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1 Comment
  • Holly
    September 13, 2016

    Cooper is so engaging! Looks like fun & worth the RIs. My children & I always loved the New England Aquarium. I enjoy them all, really!

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