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Checking Out Sao Paulo Zoo

  • October 3, 2016
  • By Brittany
Checking Out Sao Paulo Zoo

We are on a tour of the best things to do in Sao Paulo with kids!  This weekend we hit up the Sao Paulo Zoo.  It was actually quite huge and I was surprised that after 2.5 hours there, we probably could have seen a few more things, although we got through almost all of it.  We were just tired and hungry!

We arrived at 9:30 am and I highly recommend getting to the zoo early.  It starts to get busy later in the day with lots of people and traffic and I’ve heard that some people have trouble finding parking when it gets crowded.  We got there and didn’t hit any traffic, had no problem parking and didn’t even wait in line for tickets.  Plus, the best part of the experience was that we felt like we had the zoo to ourselves.  There were a few others around but for the most part it was pretty deserted early in the morning.  Plus, we got to see a lot of the animals before they decided to take a nap for the day!

I recommend buying the combo pack at the gate so you can see the animals as well as the dinosaurs.  If your kids are older and aren’t that into dinosaurs, then it isn’t worth it but Cooper absolutely loved the dinos!  He had so much fun.  He literally opened his mouth into a wide “O” and then clamped his hand over it like he is in Home Alone or something.  It was hilarious!  He wasn’t scared of them at all, which was surprising since they moved and roared but he thought they were so cool.  The only time he cried was when I had a moment with the T Rex.  Dinos are cool, just as long as they don’t mess with mummy!





We actually started out our visit by taking a right from the entrance and going past the lagoon.  I recommend doing this because a lot of the bigger animals are in this direction so it ensures that you get to see the more popular animals first in case your child melts down.  They are definitely cool animals if you start out going left but there are also a lot of birds and smaller foxes and such that are a little less enticing.  So go right!

One of Cooper’s favorites were the monkeys.  When he sees a monkey he starts saying “ooo eee ahhh” and generally making monkey sounds.  I find it hilarious!  But these little guys were so cool, swinging on the vines from branch to branch!


I personally loved the giraffes.  Obviously you know that giraffes are big, but I forgot just how huge they are!  



We were super lucky to catch the hippo when he was strolling outside his water den.  There are actually two hippos and the other one was snoozing inside the water the whole time.  But we got up close and personal with his buddy.  Man, he has a slobbery face!




Of course the lions, tigers and zebras are way cool as well but they don’t let you get too close to them so we could only admire from afar.  Luckily the entire zoo is stroller friendly so we had no problem maneuvering around to check everything out.

We got to check out this huge orangutan just chilling in his area.  He came right up close to us and I waved to him.  He gave me the stink eye and bared his teeth at me.  I think we will be friends…


I was actually quite impressed with how interested Cooper was in seeing all the different animals.  I wasn’t sure if he would be bored since he couldn’t really interact with them like at a petting zoo.  But he was so good and we didn’t even really need the stroller (especially because Dad carried him most of the time and Mom brought yummy snacks!).  The zoo is completely safe so we were happy to let him run around a bit.

Speaking of snacks, there are several snack bars selling food there and also areas to picnic.  We arrived early enough so we were ready to leave by lunch and decided to go elsewhere but I think it would be nice to picnic.

Of course the tropical birds and flamingos were popular with the crowds but I steered clear of the reptiles and snakes because there is really only so much I can take!


We loved checking out the huge elephants.  There were too little boys yelling to the elephant when we arrived so Cooper started yelling at him too.  The elephant then threw a stick at us with his big ol’ trunk.  Between him and the orangutan, I have to wonder what these zookeepers are teaching these animals!


One thing that looked so cool that we didn’t try was a safari that apparently lets you get up close to the animals.  We decided not to do it because it was an hour long and we didn’t think Cooper could cope in the car for that long.  But if he were older, we definitely would have checked it out despite the additional cost.

And the best part of the day?  We got in the car and Cooper promptly fell asleep because he was so tuckered out after all the animals!

By Brittany, October 3, 2016
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