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Nike Studio Wrap Shoe

  • October 5, 2016
  • By Brittany
Nike Studio Wrap Shoe

Let’s talk about shoes.  I have been on a barre shoe kick lately.  I love sticky socks but why turn up an opportunity to collect more shoes into my closet!?!  A girls’ gotta live.

Today I want to talk about the Nike Studio Wrap Shoe.  I’ve been coveting this shoe for years!  I’ve even recommended it here on the blog before.  Finally this year as a gift my brother and sister-in-law gave them to me and I couldn’t be happier!


First things first, the Nike Studio Wrap Shoe is not actually a full shoe, in fact your toes peek out of the ends.  For some studios this might not work because they want your toes covered but I enjoy checking out my pedicure while at the barre so this completely works for me.  There is a divider between the big toe and the other toes but that’s it so no sticking your toes into individual pockets, which makes them a bit easier to get on and off.


The shoe itself is quite tight so it can be akin to putting on a sports bra when sweaty if your feet are sweaty or wet or just really hot and swollen.  I recommend a bit of baby powder in that case.  However, once they are on, they fit nice and snug, which is fantastic because one thing I hated at ballet class when I was younger was when my shoes would come off.  It really ruins my vibe!  These will not come off!


I love the crisscross on the top of the foot really making the shoe a wrap.  It is sewn in so no need to figure out how the wrap works or if you need to somehow tie the wrap.  Nothing confusing here!  It wraps around the heel as well to give you a lot of support whether it be for barre class, pilates, dance or another type of workout.  They are also super light creating a barefoot experience without actually going barefoot.  Personally, this is the exact type of shoe I would have loved to have had for my modern dance classes in college because my feet were always getting torn up and these offer a great alternative!


The bottoms are nice and grippy so you don’t have to worry about slipping but they still offer room to pivot and turn as necessary.  They have a nice amount of arch support and just the right amount of padding on the balls and heels.  I know my feet can feel a bit sore after too many classes without a little extra padding!


Plus, who doesn’t love this color!?  I am obsessed!  They are so cute and so fun! I couldn’t find these exact same ones online but I did find the Nike Studio Wrap Shoe in other colors including here, here and here and also in black!



By Brittany, October 5, 2016
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  • Holly
    October 16, 2016

    The Nike studio shoes look fabulous–I share your merriment at looking at the pedicure during a Barre workout (at home)! I do like my toe covered in a studio. So, I recall one of your other blogs on the Blake Brody shoe which is nice. I bet the Nike studio shoe really lets you feel the floor, however. Your arabesque is very nice!

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