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Happy Halloween!

  • October 31, 2016
  • By Brittany
Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween all you tricksters and treaters!  We had a spooky scary weekend over here with tons of Halloween fun.  I was so excited this year because even though Cooper didn’t totally get it, he was definitely more involved than last year.

We started our day at open playtime at My Gym, where Cooper goes for his gym classes.  He loves it there and they had a cute little setup with fresh fruit, hair artists that spiked his hair (it immediately fell flat because somehow he has my thin, blonde hair instead of Pete’s thick, dark hair!) and fun games and activities for the kids.  I dressed him up in his costume from last year and he was just as cute!

Cooper Halloween My Gym

After lunch, we hosted the International Newcomer’s Club Playgroup Halloween Party!  I went a little crazy with the decorations but I was feeling really into the holiday.

INC Halloween Party 1

INC Halloween Party 2

Oh my gosh these cookies were to die for!  They were gone in about two seconds.  The kids absolutely loved them and they weren’t too sugary tasting.

INC Halloween Party 3

Good thing because this cake was chocolate to the max!  I think it also had dolce de leche in it as well, but to be honest, I ordered it so long ago I don’t remember!

INC Halloween Party 5

Thanks Tammy Montagna for the cake and cookies!

INC Halloween Party 6

I found a lot of great printables on Etsy that I was able to throw together.  Plus a great big pumpkin and some orange and black themed decorations.  I think the house looked pretty spooky!

INC Halloween Party 7

INC Halloween Party 8

I got the kids a ton of little plastic jack-o-lanterns so we could go “trick or treating” around the apartment.  I had the parents hide with bowls of candy behind all the doors in our apartment and the kids knocked on the door and said “trick or treat” and got a bit of candy.  It was cute and perfect for the younger crowd!

INC Halloween Party 9

INC Halloween Party 12

I also found these great Day of the Dead skulls on PicMonkey that were perfect for coloring.  All I had to do was print them out and provide some crayons.

INC Halloween Party 10

And I used PicMonkey to help me create this I Spy Halloween Game, which was fun for the slightly older kids.

INC Halloween Party 11

We had about 20 kids in the house and it was an absolute zoo but totally fun!  We bobbed for apples (which is super hard by the way!) and bobbed along to a kid’s Halloween playlist I put together on Spotify.

INC Halloween Party 15

I also made some mystery Halloween boxes of various food items and told the kids it was brains, fingers, teeth, etc. and let them stick their hands inside a partially zipped lunch box so they could feel the icky things.  Although the older kids totally knew it was food, the younger ones didn’t really know, and everyone enjoyed touching the gooey, slimy stuff!

INC Halloween Party 13

Overall I think it was a successful party and the kids had fun.  We cleaned up the house and then the adults when out for a well-deserved drink after!

Happy Halloween!


By Brittany, October 31, 2016
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