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New Year, New Goals

  • January 9, 2017
  • By Brittany
New Year, New Goals

It’s already the second week of January so I guess I’m a little late in posting my goals for the year.  But, with all the hype from my e-book being released last week, I lost track of it being a new year!  Even so, I think it is a good time to check in on how well your goals are going because I find that after the first few days, a lot of people start to wane in their resolve!  Plus, we have a whole year to meet our goals so there is no rush to hastily decide what you want to accomplish in the first week alone.


I love love love my new planner I got this year from Lorna Jane.  It is full of super motivating quotes and has a ton of little tips on healthy living.  Plus, I love to document everything.  

One of the best features of my new planner is the spot at the beginning to write down your goals, when you want to achieve them by and your bucket list for the year.  I actually find this to be so much better than making resolutions, which seem like you need to change something about yourself rather than making goals to make yourself a happier person.

This year, I actually sat down and wrote out exactly what I wanted to achieve by the end of 2017.  I’m pretty excited that my first goal is done (release the book!) but I have a lot more on my list.  

A few things I’m looking to accomplish in 2017:

  • Travel at least one place new!  We managed 4 countries in 2016 so it is going to be a challenge in 2017, especially because I already know we have families to visit but I’m hoping for a new adventure at some point!
  • Less sickness in 2017!  I spent a lot of time in 2016 under-the-weather.  While I may not have total control over this in 2017, I’m going to give it my best shot.
  • Get another pilates and barre certification.  This one is already booked!
  • Re-brand site.  I have big plans for this blog in 2017 so stay tuned to see the changes!
  • Take Cooper two new fun places.  We’ve already been someplace pretty fun recently but I’m still looking to expand his horizons as much as possible now that he is officially 2 and can do so many more things than when we was still considered a baby.

There are a few more on the list but we will have to wait and see how the chips fall before I share!  What about you?  What are your goals for 2017?

By Brittany, January 9, 2017
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1 Comment
  • Holly
    January 17, 2017

    Good luck with your 2017 goals–you have another beautiful brand blooming! No worries about visiting different countries–visit the people you love the most and have them visit you! You will remember that forever!

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