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A Day of Fun at the Boston Children’s Museum

  • February 6, 2017
  • By Brittany
A Day of Fun at the Boston Children’s Museum

Hello and how was your weekend?  We had a great weekend here!  I did a barre training this weekend to help hone my barre teaching skills.  It was really amazing!  What did you get up to?

Last week I met up with my brother, his baby and my cousin and her two boys to check out Boston’s Children’s Museum.  I vaguely remembered it from when I was a kid, but I was excited to become reacquainted with my little guy.

We arrived right at 10am when it opened on a weekday and were treated with a nice empty museum and not too many other people.  The day started out on a great note with a hand stamp (one of Cooper’s favorite things!).  Unfortunately the museum shop is right after the entrance desk so we got distracted by the cars and trucks in the shop.  Once we pried him away from the shop (thank goodness!), we headed to the first room called Raceways, which was filled with golf balls.  Cooper got such a kick out of rolling the balls down the various raceways and seeing if he could get them into one of the buckets.  Endless fascination!

The next room was bubbles but we decided to pass on it until the end of the trip because we didn’t want the kids all wet for the remainder of the visit.  Instead, we headed up to the third floor to Construction Zone.  This was the best room for Cooper.  There were real-life Bobcats and tons of construction truck toys for him to play with.  I think we spent the most time in this room and we probably could have stayed here all day but there was more to see!

We headed to Boston Black to check out to check out the local grocery store.  Cooper then decided he was done on the third floor and headed to the stairs to check out the second floor.  

We ended up in Countdown to Kindergarten, which was this amazing room that helps kids get prepared to go to kindy.  Cooper was a little young but I thought the entire concept was so great.  You can even talk to the “teachers” and ask them questions you might have about kindergarten.  Cooper was just happy to find a rug with cars on it he could play with!

Unfortunately during our visit the playspace that is made specifically for the younger ones was closed so we didn’t get to experience that, but we still had a lot of fun.  We finished up our visit in the bubble room, which was a ton of fun but also a recipe for disaster because of all the soapy water and the potential for splashing others. 

One of the best parts about the museum is that the attached lunch area is actually an Au Bon Pain.  Thank goodness!  A healthy salad and soup for me.  Cooper is being two and will not eat anything but I tried to get him to eat mac and cheese and apple!  I think he ended up eating some bread.  Go figure.

Overall, the museum is totally worth it and so much fun!  The kids had a fantastic time and the two and half hours we were there for went by in a flash.  I highly recommend this for your children if you are in the Boston area!


By Brittany, February 6, 2017
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