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Pointe Studio Grip Socks

  • January 17, 2018
  • By Brittany
Pointe Studio Grip Socks

I’m always on the hunt for the best grip socks.  I recently discovered Pointe Studio Grip Socks and they are amazing!  Super grippy and stylish.  

Any good barre and pilates addict knows that finding good grip socks is a tough business.  After multiple uses many grip socks start to lose their grip on life (pun intended).  These Pointe Studio socks have a ton of grip to them and are unlikely to lose their grip anytime soon!

This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase using the links I make a small commission. Thank you for your support!

I love the ballet slipper look.  I think it makes the foot look elegant and the lower rise on the foot looks a lot better with capris (especially for shorties like me!).  There are two styles in the ballet slipper look.  The first is really like a sock with a cutout.

The second is more of a slipper look.  

Both come in various styles and colors.  I’ve been on the hunt for some basics lately and filled my cart with greys and blacks.

But I couldn’t resist these pretty purple/pink ombré slippers!  They add a little pizzazz!

One of the things I really like about Pointe Studio grip socks is that the grips go all the way to the top of the sock.  If you have ever been on releve in barre class or working toes on the footbar in pilates, you know how annoying it can be to not have grips on your toes.  All of a sudden you start slipping and it becomes more like a waterski event than barre or pilates!

And of course, there are classic socks available. I love these dual shades of grey socks.  They also have a ton of funky patterns and colors.  I want them all!!!

Want to get your own pair?  Get them here!

By Brittany, January 17, 2018
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1 Comment
  • Holly
    January 18, 2018

    I like the ballet slipper look, too. You are right to always be on the look out for good grip socks. Super ones are had to come by as they wear out fast and some do not have a lot of gripping dots on the bottom. Nice to feature in your blog a piece of “basic equipment” that makes our workouts work for us!

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