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Barre Bounce At Home

  • March 5, 2018
  • By Brittany
Barre Bounce At Home

One of my most popular classes is Barre Bounce combining the toning benefits of barre with the cardio benefits of jumping on a mini trampoline.  It isn’t just an effective workout, it is a ton of fun!  This Barre Bounce At Home workout takes the moves from my favorite class to your home!

For this workout I combine simple dance cardio moves on the trampoline to get your heart rate up and blast calories.  Then I layer in toning moves taken straight from my barre classes.   Start by warming up with some knee lifts and basic bounces.  Then head into some cardio with moves like jumping jacks, cross jacks, knee lifts, knee repeaters, heel digs, high knees and toe taps.

I use weighted gloves or light handweights to work the upper body while standing on the mini tramp (it creates a little instability requiring more core engagement).  The upper body section is non-stop giving your arms no time to rest so even with a light weight, you’ll feel the burn.  Think of arm dancing!   

After another block of cardio, move to lower body work on the mini tramp.  By standing on the mini trampoline while performing your toning moves, you are not just challenging your lower body but also creating instability.  Stabilizing requires your legs to work harder and engages your core making it a full body workout!

Time to get in some more cardio!  Followed by more lower body.  This time we jump off the rebounder and head to the floor turning it on its side to make it a barre.  You’ll see more traditional barre moves in this section but don’t rely too heavily on your mini tramp since it can move!  

Finally head back down onto the mini trampoline for some core work lying on the mini tramp.  These moves come from pilates and are proven to strengthen your core!

Let’s check out some moves.  For each of these moves perform 12-16 reps.



Bicep Curl

Tricep Kickback


Front Attitude Lift

Fondu Arabesque

Second to Curtsy

Lunge to Battement Front

Arabesque Lift

Side Leg Lift


Double Leg Develope

Toe Taps

Leg Scissors

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Cardio Pilates

By Brittany, March 5, 2018
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