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Chair Barre

  • April 3, 2018
  • By Brittany
Chair Barre

Head to your kitchen for this simple to follow yet totally challenging Chair Barre class.  See how this common piece of furniture can totally transform your barre workout!

I have a secret.  I’m not just a workout clothes addict.  Yes, I’ve amassed more leggings than I can count and I have two whole shelves dedicated to leggings, yoga pants, tank tops and workout tops.  But there is something else I’ve been hoarding and I’ve been keeping it from you. . . 

Fitness equipment.  

I have a serious problem.  I have several weights of various sizes (from 1lb-8lbs), bags of resistance bands (with handles, without handles, loop bands, long bands), a magic circle, playground balls (multiple), sliders, a mini trampoline, a barre . . . the list goes on and on and on.

I know there is a support group out there somewhere called Fitness Equipment Addict Anonymous but I also know we are select group.  Most people like to get their workouts done at home with minimal equipment and minimal expense.  That’s part of the draw of at-home workouts, right!?

If this is you, then you’ll love this Chair Barre workout!  

If it isn’t you, don’t worry, it’s still an awesome workout and I have plenty of other classes that are prop-crazy!

In this class we use a simple kitchen chair (or folding chair or any chair that doesn’t have wheels!) to create an intense barre workout.  We start out with a low-impact cardio warm-up to get our heart rates going.  

Next we grab our chair and work our upper body and abs with a series of planks and pushups using the chair for a little extra support and extra leverage.  You’ll feel that upper body burn!

We then stand up and use the chair as our “barre”.  Don’t expect a traditional barre class, we really use the chair to help lift our legs and our booties to new heights!

Finally we sit on the chair for some ab work before finishing off on the mat with our legs on the chair.

Check out the clip here:

I hope you enjoy Chair Barre!  Find the full-length class here

By Brittany, April 3, 2018
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  • Holly
    April 4, 2018

    I think anyone should be able to do Chair Barre. It is a great idea and I never heard of it before. It does not look anyone sits too much either! Looks like a really good workout!

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