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Barre to Beach Workout Series

  • May 9, 2018
  • By Brittany
Barre to Beach Workout Series

I’m so excited to announce the brand new Barre to Beach Workout Series!  It has been months in the making and it is finally here!

Want to look amazing by summer?  Then all you need is this one plan.  

What is it?

  • A 5 week workout calendar with 3 new full-length workouts per week!
  • 15 videos all 45-60 minutes in length.
  • Modifications for low-impact and beginners, as well as advanced options.
  • A 30 Day Clean Eating Guide with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!
  • Fully downloadable videos that are yours once you purchase them.  Do them again and again with no buffering!
  • Amazing music such as top 40 hits included in each video.
  • Easy to follow instructions and equipment recommendations.

This is the perfect opportunity to change up your routine, challenge your body and get in shape for summer.  Meet me at the barre now and you’ll be strutting your stuff at the beach in 5 short weeks.


What are the workouts?

  • Barre– Join me for a signature barre class.  These classes are an hour in length and include low-impact warm-up cardio, upper body, barre focused on legs and glutes and mat work focused on core.  Hit every part of the body and experience the signature shaking and deep toning from barre!
  • HIIT the Barre®– Unique to this program, this method includes high intensity interval training combined with barre moves.  Each class ranges from 45-60 minutes and includes a warm up followed by a round of HIIT combos in the Center (focused on cardio and balance), at the Barre (focused on legs and glutes) and then on the Mat (focused on arms and abs).  This class includes high intensity jumping to help blast calories and get the heart rate going.  No need to jump on the treadmill for cardio!
  • Mat Barre– Think pilates cooler sister.  Start with a low-impact cardio warm-up before moving onto upper body and then hitting the mat to work those muscles.  Expect to target the legs, glutes and core.

With one of each class per week, you’ll be targeting all of those beach-exposed zones while blasting calories and slimming all over.  You’ll look and feel great by the end of 5 weeks and all it takes is 3 workouts per week (but hey, if you want to do more, go for it!).

Got questions?  Shoot me an email at  I’m always happy to help!

Want to know exactly what you are getting?  Check out this preview!

What does this cost me?

  • A one time fee of $50 for 15 fully-downloadable workouts that are yours to keep!
  • Sign up now!

How is this different than BBF On Demand?

  • BBF On Demand is a streaming service with new videos 2x per month.  It is a reoccurring fee of $9.99 per month.  
  • Barre to Beach is a series of 15 workouts (all full-length!) that also includes a Clean Eating Plan.
  • BBF On Demand is streaming.  Barre to Beach is a downloadable program.
  • Both have great music (songs you hear on the radio from artists you know!).
  • Both are great workouts!

So are you ready to sweat!?  Meet me at the barre!


By Brittany, May 9, 2018
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