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*New* Dance Treadmill Workout

  • June 15, 2018
  • By Brittany
*New* Dance Treadmill Workout

This new Dance Treadmill Workout will take your boring deadmill workout to a dancemill workout!  Get ready to shake, shimmy and just generally have more fun than you ever thought you could have on the treadmill!

The entire workout is performed on the treadmill or using the treadmill.  The class starts off with a nice warm-up to get the muscles warm and slowly increase the heart rate.  We then take off into our first cardio burst.  In this section you will start to learn the moves that will get progressively more difficult during the class.  We then take the speed down a bit and grab one heavy weight to work the upper body while still maintaining a walk on the treadmill.  

dance treadmill

Dance treadmill workout

We then take the speed back up for the second cardio block.  This block builds on the first one.  You’ll see some of the same moves and be introduced to a few more!

We then stop the treadmill for our lower body segment.  Make sure the treadmill is completely stopped before doing these toning moves on the treadmill.  Think curtsy lunges, leg lifts and more!

We then take it up for our last cardio segment to blast out anything we have left!  We will do a little bit of running in this segment and also do some of our most advanced moves.  This one is fun and you’ll really get the feel of that dance treadmill workout!

Finally we end with some core work on the treadmill.  Even though we get to “lay down” it won’t be easy.  We follow the core work up with a well-deserved stretch.

Check out the preview!

Are you traveling this summer?  Then make sure you take this workout with you!  No more wondering what you are going to do at the gym or how you are going to fit a workout into your hotel room.  Grab your device and take it with you for this fun total body workout.  Who cares if the people next to you think your nuts?  You’ll never see them again and you are having way more fun working out than they are!

Try the full workout here!

By Brittany, June 15, 2018
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  • Holly Nilson
    June 19, 2018

    That looks like a lot of fun! I like it when the moves repeat in some manner. It is like knowing the choreography and doing it better the next time around. Thank you, Brittany!

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