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10 Benefits of Pilates During Pregnancy

  • June 22, 2018
  • By Brittany
10 Benefits of Pilates During Pregnancy

We’ve all heard pilates is a great form of exercise for mamas-to-be, but what exactly are the Benefits of Pilates During Pregnancy?  Find out 10 reasons why you should hit the mat!

  1. It can strengthen your stomach muscles.  We all know the rectus abdominis (or six pack) stretch during pregnancy but we still need strong transverse abdominals and obliques to help carry the baby.  Also strengthening these muscles will help prevent pelvic pain and lower back pain.  
  2. It strengthens the pelvic floor.  The pelvic floor helps support the bowel, bladder and uterus.  The weight of the growing baby plus hormonal changes can weaken the pelvic floor and lead to incontinence after birth.  Pilates exercise are designed to help strengthen this area, which can help with childbirth and prevent issues after.
  3. Pilates can help with your breathing.  One of the major principles in pilates is controlled breathing.  Learning to inhale and exhale during movement can help you prepare for labor and childbirth.
  4. It can help reduce back pain.  A common complaint during pregnancy is back pain.  Pilates is focused on core work and having a strong core can help reduce back pain during pregnancy.  Pilates also focuses on posture, which shifts during pregnancy and can contribute to back pain.  By learning how to counteract those postural shifts through pilates, you can reduce back pain.
  5. Pilates helps improve your balance.  As the baby grows and your center of gravity shifts, it is common to feel unbalanced or a little unsteady on your feet.  Pilates works on strengthening the muscles, especially the core muscles, which help maintain your balance.  
  6. It can help you maintain a healthy weight.  Weight gain during pregnancy is a good thing.  It means the baby is healthy and growing.  However, healthy weight gain during pregnancy is important and by staying active through pilates you can ensure that your weight gain is healthy.  Practicing pilates while pregnant will also help you lose the weight faster!
  7. Pilates can help reduce swelling.  Swelling is very common during pregnancy as our blood volume increases.  Pilates helps circulate the blood throughout the body improving swelling and blood pooling in the lower extremities. 
  8. Pilates can help you sleep.  Any mom-to-be knows that sleep can be difficult even before the baby arrives.  Hormone changes, anxiety and discomfort as you grow bigger can all lead to less than stellar sleep.  Pilates can help you sleep better improving your quality of life.
  9. Keeping up with pilates can help you recover faster.  Post-partum recovery can be easier for moms who practice pilates while pregnant.  Reconnecting with your abdominals and finding your strength will happen faster if you have keep up your pilates practice while pregnant.
  10. Improves mood and confidence.  Mothers who practice pilates have more endorphins in their body, which help them feel happier.  It can also help relieve stress and anxiety, which are common surrounding childbirth.  

So it’s clear there are many benefits of pilates during pregnancy.  The list could go on and on!  So if you haven’t hit the mat, you should consider starting a gentle pilates practice.  Want some inspiration?  Check out my prenatal pilates videos!

By Brittany, June 22, 2018
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  • Alison Price
    July 18, 2018

    I am newly pregnant with my first baby. I have not enough ideas about pilates. I never try it before. But after read this article i understand it is too useful for any pregnant women. I will must try it at my home. Thanks for the information.

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