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New Video! Barre Arms & Legs

  • September 22, 2018
  • By Brittany
New Video!  Barre Arms & Legs

Hey BBF On Demand subscribers!  I’ve got a new video for you, Barre Arms & Legs.  This video focuses on just these two areas and really burns it out in a 50 minute class.  Get ready to sculpt and shape your upper and lower body.

We start this class with a low-impact cardio warm-up just like the rest of my barre classes before grabbing some light weights to work the upper body.

I recommend 2lbs for this workout but generally you could work with between 1-3lbs or no weight at all.  We’ll do some combination moves so don’t forget about that lower body!

We then move on to the lower body using our barre.  This is a long barre segment so get ready to really work and feel the sweat!  You can do it!

Check out this clip to see Barre Arms & Legs in action.

Fun fact:  I filmed this video when I was pregnant.  I was in  my first trimester and that is probably why I sound so out of breath! 

By Brittany, September 22, 2018
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