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New Video! At Home Barre Workout

  • October 11, 2018
  • By Brittany
New Video! At Home Barre Workout

I’m so excited for this new video for BBF On Demand subscribers!  This At Home Barre Workout video is perfect for those with limited space but big expectations out of their workouts.  This entire workout is done on your mat so you only need enough space for your yoga mat.  I also use light equipment (no barre!) so you can easily adapt this workout at home.

We start off with my favorite low-impact cardio warm up to get the heart rate going, burn some calories and get the blood moving.

We then grab some light weights to work the upper body with some functional combination movements.  I am using 3lb weights but you could use more or less or no weight at all depending on your preference.  I like to keep the heart rate up and work the arms and the legs together so expect compound movements.

Then we grab our playground ball for some more cardio and some leg work.  Expect to work up a sweat while toning that lower body.

Finally we move down to the mat for some dynamic mat work targeting the core before stretching it all out.

This workout is so much fun and it is a little different from my normal barre workouts.  I hope you like it!

If you need any equipment, just check out the shop!

See a clip of the workout here:

And if you aren’t a member yet, sign up now to get access to this and many other amazing workouts!

Fun Fact- I filmed this workout during my first trimester of pregnancy with my second baby.  So if I seem tired, that is why!!

By Brittany, October 11, 2018
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