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New Pilates Trampoline Workout!

  • October 25, 2018
  • By Brittany
New Pilates Trampoline Workout!

If you love pilates and you love cardio then you are going to love this Pilates Trampoline Workout.  It combines mini tramp cardio with mat pilates for one killer (and quick!) workout.

The workout starts off with the cardio portion which is designed to mimic jumping on a reformer jumpboard.  I’ve taken some of the same moves you see on the jumpboard and brought them upright on the mini tramp.  Expect to spend 20 minutes of non-stop jumping to really get your heart rate up.

Once we’ve completed the jumping portion, we come down onto the mat for some traditional mat pilates core work.  I perform this section on the mini tramp using it as my mat, but you could also do this on the floor.  Expect to see moves like the series of five and other traditional pilates exercises.  

The best part about this cardio video is that you don’t need a mini tramp to do it.  You can do this workout just jumping on the floor wearing sneakers or you can do this workout without the jumps rising up onto releve (heels lifted) to work the legs and calves.  Either way you will get a great workout!

Check out this clip from the full-length video.

For the full workout, click here and give it a try!


By Brittany, October 25, 2018
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