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Holiday Gift Guide: Fit Kids

  • December 10, 2018
  • By Brittany
Holiday Gift Guide: Fit Kids

If you have kids you know the holidays brings an influx of toys.  Lots and lots of toys.  I love it when my kids get educational toys but I love it even more when they get toys focused on making them healthier human beings.  I think raising fit kids is super important so I’ve compiled a list of gifts to make it a bit easier!

Some of these links contain affiliate links, which means I make a small commission if you make a purchase.  The products are all tried and tested by me through my own hard-earned paycheck.  Thanks for supporting this blog!

Yoga Cards– I bought these for my son and I love them!  There are a few different ways you can use them to make a game out of yoga.  Plus they have great cues written on the cards to help your child get into the pose and to help them embrace the yoga philosophy.

Pilates Onesie–  I bought this for my little one and it is so adorable.  It is made with a nice thick cotton (not the cheap stuff!) and I love that he is championing pilates even before the age of 1!

Cosmic Kids Yoga–  This is by far my favorite yoga class for kids.  The poses are simple enough for them to follow and each class has a different story or theme to keep them interested.  My son loves following along to the story and performing the yoga moves.  Plus, I can do the class with him and it makes it extra fun!

Mini Trampoline–  Endless hours of jumping fun and what my family like to call quality time “getting the ya yas out”.  Channel your energetic child into non-stop jumping.  

Loveevery– I bought this for my baby and I’m obsessed!  The play mat is adorable and totally set up to help your baby achieve its best self in its first year.  What I really love though is the subscription box.  The bi-monthly box includes developmental toys based on your baby’s age, a guide book to explain how to use the toys and a little present for you.  The toys are super high-quality, eco-friendly and not your typical plush animal.  They are meant to help your baby achieve its developmental milestones like eye tracking, grabbing and more.  Definitely a favorite at our house!

Strider Bike–  I first heard of this bike from a Wall Street Journal article and I was intrigued.  After purchasing it for my son, I’m hooked.  The bike is a fantastic way to teach them to balance and ride without the assistance of training wheels.  There are no pedals on the bike so kids can use their feet to propel themselves and then when they get momentum, place their feet on the platforms and glide.  It takes out that step of having to remove the training wheels and build confidence from the get go.

Kids Water Bottle–  I am a little OCD about water bottles.  I like to fill mine up and I hate sharing!  My husband and son, on the other hand, assume my water bottle is their water bottle.  Soooo, we’ve implemented a water bottle system where everyone has their own and brings their own.  Mom is happy and therefore, everyone else is happy (and hydrated).  I find that kids don’t ask for water until they are very thirsty so I like to just have it available so they are aware that it is there and they can drink as they like.  This water bottle is nice and easy for the kids to use.

What toys are you looking at for your kids to help them stay healthy this year?

By Brittany, December 10, 2018
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