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Prenatal Pilates Resistance Band Workout

  • April 16, 2019
  • By Brittany
Prenatal Pilates Resistance Band Workout

One thing I noticed in both my pregnancies is that although I was working out all the time and using the same amount of weight I used before I got pregnant, I felt so darn tired and weak as time went on. Enter the Prenatal Pilates Resistance Band Workout.

I love this workout because when you use a resistance band, you can change the amount of tension based on how you are feeling that day. Plus pilates is an amazing prenatal workout!

Choke up on the band to create more resistance (think of wrapping the band around your hands several times) or release the band and make it longer for a little less resistance.

Here are 8 prenatal moves that I love to use with the resistance band.

Bicep Curl

Bicep Curl

Start out with some upper body standing work by stepping on the band with both feet. Keep the feet about hip width apart. Roll the shoulders up, back and down and hug the abs in around the baby. Hold one end of the resistance band in each hand and choke up as much as you need to for your own resistance.

Keep the elbows in by the sides as you curl the hands up to the shoulders and resist back down again. Try to maintain a neutral spine. Repeat these curls 8-16x.



Start with one foot in front of the other in a wide split stance with the back heel lifted. Bring the band around your back and hold the ends out in front of you.

Stand tall with your shoulders over your hips as you bend both knees and lower down into a lunge position. At the same time, open one arm out to the side twisting the torso slightly towards that arm.

Straighten both legs and come back to the starting position, closing the arm back in. Drop down into a lunge again and this time open the opposite arm twisting slightly towards the other side. Come back to center.

Continue alternating sides for 8-16x then switch the leg that is in front and repeat. This move works the legs, the obliques and upper body.

Plie Releve

Plie Releve

Start in a first position with heels together and toes apart. Bring the resistance band behind your back and hold one end in each hand. Loop the ends of the resistance bands several times to create the right resistance for you. Bend your elbows in and pull your wrists towards your ribcage.

Keep your shoulders down away from your ears and your abs hugging the baby as you demi plie, keeping the heels on the floor. Straighten the legs as you lift the heels off the floor and extend the arms out in front at shoulder height. Return to start position and repeat 8-16x.

This move works the legs, glutes and upper body.



Start with feet hip width apart in a parallel position with the toes pointing forward and the heels directly behind the toes. Fold the resistance band in half and hold one end in each hand keeping tension on the band the entire time.

Sit down and back like you are sitting into a low chair dropping into a squat position while simultaneously bringing the resistance band up overhead and pulling out slightly on the band. Lower the band as you extend the legs and stand back up squeezing the glutes at the top. Keep the spine neutral the entire time.

Repeat this move 8-16x with the option to hold the last squat and either stay in an isometric hold (no moving!) or pulse (tiny movements up and down).

This move works the glutes and upper body.

Oblique & Lat Pull

Oblique & Lat Pull

Start in a wide second plie with toes and knees turned out to the side and both knees bent so thighs are parallel to the floor or mat. Fold the resistance band in half and hold one end in each hand bringing the band overhead.

Lean over to the left side keeping the chest open and avoiding rotating down towards the mat. Keep the arms wide and pull the left arm down towards the knee drawing the left elbow in towards the ribs. Extend the left arm back out to start and repeat maintaining the side leaning position.

Repeat 8x on the left side then repeat on the right side.

This move will work the lats (in the back) and the obliques and the legs.

Arm and Leg Lift

Arm & Leg Lift

Start on all fours in a quadruped position with the resistance band across the band and each end on the mat with one end under each hand. Make sure the hands are under the shoulders and the knees are under the hips.

From this position, extend the right arm out in front and the left leg back behind so there is one long line from fingers to toes. Place the hand and the foot back down on the mat. Then extend the left arm and the right leg. Place the arm and leg down.

Continue alternating 16x.

This move is intended as a pregnancy-safe core move but it also works the upper body and glutes.

Hamstring Curl

Hamstring Curl

Start on all fours in a quadruped position with the hands underneath the shoulders and the knees underneath the hips. Place the band around the left foot and take both ends of the band into the left hand.

Lift the left leg up to hip height keeping the knee pointed down to the ground. Hug the abs in around the baby. Bend the left leg so that the heel faces up to the sky then extend the left leg back out to hip height. Repeat 8-16x then switch sides and repeat on the opposite leg.

This move works the core and the glutes.



Start on the mat with the hands underneath the shoulders and the resistance band across the back with one end under each hand. Keep the hands as wide as the mat to work the chest.

Keep the knees back behind the hips and then shift the weight forward into the hands. Keeping the neck and spine in one nice straight line, lower the chest down to the mat then press up. Repeat 8-12x.

This move works the upper body and the core.

I hope you enjoyed these prenatal pilates moves! Want my prenatal body guide? Your ultimate guide to exercising during pregnancy including more prenatal pilates moves? Get it for free now!

By Brittany, April 16, 2019
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