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Barre to Beach 5 Week Workout Program

  • May 23, 2019
  • By Brittany
Barre to Beach 5 Week Workout Program

Imagine walking down the beach feeling strong, confident and happy with your body. Imagine not dreading putting on shorts, a tank top or a bathing suit. This isn’t some alternate reality, this is YOU 5 weeks from now. I created Barre to Beach 5 Week Workout Program specifically for people looking to kick it up a notch before summer starts.

We all want to not only look our best, but feel our best as well. This program will help you achieve your goals in just 5 weeks.

Why Barre to Beach?

Barre to Beach is a realistic approach to toning and sculpting for the summer. It has a set schedule of 3 workouts per week for 5 weeks. Out of 168 hours in one week, I’m only asking you to commit to 3! It’s completely doable and a doable goal is a goal that will be achieved.

How can you get fit in just 3 hours per week?

Its easy! The workouts are built to be challenging but not impossible. I want you to finish these workouts feeling like you gave it your all but you can still tackle your day. They are meant to be hard but not to make you fail.

What do you get with the Barre to Beach Series?

  • 15 full-length brand new workouts
  • Amazing music (top 40 and radio hits) to motivate you
  • Fully downloadable workouts (no buffering!)
  • Pay once and get the workouts for life (no reoccurring payments)
  • A 30 Day Clean Eating Plan
  • 5 Week Calendar to keep you on track
  • 3 different kinds of workouts: Barre, HIIT the Barre® and Mat Barre

The three different workout modalities are designed to compliment each other but keep you (and your muscles from getting bored). Get ready to feel the burn in barre class where you focus on toning and sculpting with bits of cardio thrown in. In HIIT the Barre® expect to get your dose of fat-blasting cardio. In Mat Barre, we focus on deep and targeted toning.

So who is in with me!? Let’s take the challenge together and we will make this summer our best summer yet!

By Brittany, May 23, 2019
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