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Sakara Life Review

  • July 18, 2019
  • By Brittany
Sakara Life Review

I love working out because it helps me feel great and look good But it’s only part of the equation. In order to fuel my body, I try to eat as healthy as possible. I have to admit that trying to feed two kids at different life stages and myself and my husband, it can be tough to motivate myself to make great healthy meals. I was super excited to try Sakara Life. I promised a Sakara Life Review so here ya go!

Sakara Life is a meal delivery service focused on healthy, plant-based meals. Sakara Life bills itself as a clean eating program focused on improving digestion, healthy weight loss and glowing skin. Unlike other popular meal prep services this is truly a meal delivery service with no prep required (except for occasionally heating something up).

I started out with a 3 day plan. The box arrived right on time so I was able to start right away on Tuesday night for dinner. I jumped right in with Sea Buckhorn Salad with Tumeric Sweet Potato. This meal was fine–nothing to really love or really hate about it.

Other meals from week 1 included Avo-Cacao Probiotic Pudding with Lavender Almond Tea Biscuit, Longevity Churros with Banana Prash (one of my faves!) and Upside Down Pineapple Cake with Seasonal Fruit (also a fave!). The breakfasts were really good.

For lunch I had Sakara Classic Chopped Salad with Magic Mushroom Dressing, Pasta Primaverde with Hemp Seep Pesto and Wild Mushroom Pasta with Black Truffle Oil. The chopped salad and wild mushroom pasta were pretty good but I really didn’t enjoy the Pasta Primaverde. It had ingredients in it that I didn’t care for so it was a no go for me.

For dinner I also had Sweet Pea Soup with Carrot Tea Sandwich (not a fave!) and Sunshine Curry Bowl with Purple Coconut Rice- this I liked.

The meal plan designated exactly what you should eat on what day so you really don’t even have to think about what you are planning on eating!

In my second week I had a chia bowl for breakfast which wasn’t my favorite since the mango felt a bit hard and the flavors didn’t really blend the way I was hoping. I also had a granola with “mylk” which I liked.

For lunch though I had a fantastic ceviche with sprouted tortillas and a cabbage salad with “chorizo”. The salad was spicy so I enjoyed it and the ceviche was brilliant using hearts of palm instead of fish. I also really enjoyed the sprouted tortillas much to my surprise. Another great lunch was a lychee salad that tasted amazing.


It is so convenient. The meals are completely prepared and delivered to your door so there is nothing for you to do but grab a fork. You get a cooler bag as well so you can bring your food along with you to work or wherever you are headed.

It is one of the tastier meal derives I’ve tried. I often find meal delivery services, especially ones focused on weight loss or healthy eating to be, well, kind of gross. Sakara Life is definitely much fresher and tastier than the other programs I’ve tried s.

It is truly clean eating and plant-based. If either or both of these things are important to you then this service is for you. The meals are even designed by a resident chef.


It is Pricey with a capital P. The 3 day plan was $239 for 6 meals, the probiotics and the tea. That’s nearly $40 per meal!! Personally I can grab a salad from Chopt or Sweetgreen that I actually enjoy a little bit more for about a quarter of that price.

Some of the meals I didn’t enjoy. I ended up throwing most of one dinner away because I just didn’t like the way it tasted and had something else (far less healthy!) for dinner. With the price per meal, this is really not great!

There really aren’t any options. Even if you choose only the two or three day plan, you don’t really get to choose your meals.

I didn’t really love the detox teas. While this wouldn’t make or break my decision to use this service, I just found the teas to be not that great. The flavor wasn’t very strong but they weren’t very tasty either.

The Verdict

I would definitely use Sakara Life if I were trying to really eat clean or lose a little bit of weight. As a long term option it really doesn’t fit my budget and I didn’t love every meal enough to want to continue shelling out for the service. I eat a lot of salad as it is so I think continuing to do that is a great option.

But it’s good to know this is available if I need it! Hope you enjoyed this honest Sakara Life Review!

By Brittany, July 18, 2019
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