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Yumble Review: Kids Meal Delivery

  • August 8, 2019
  • By Brittany
Yumble Review: Kids Meal Delivery

Hi all! I recently wrote a kids meal delivery review about Nurture Life but since then I’ve given Yumble a try and I have to say we have been so excited about their meals here! So check out my Yumble Review and stop slaving over the stove for your kids!

Yumble bills itself as a meal delivery service for your picky eaters. Each week you can get fully prepared meals delivered to your door that take just minutes to reheat. So no more trying to manage multiple meals in your house or worrying if your picky eater will eat supper!

We tried out Yumble after Cooper told me he wasn’t enjoying his Nurture Life meals. We signed up with a Yumble discount for six meals a week. Our first box included:

  • Pizza bagel with carrots and a protein popper (a protein ball)
  • Wholesome cheesy rotini with broccoli and cheese
  • Backed taco pocket with broccoli and mashed potatoes
  • Bowl of Yays (spaghetti bolognese with carrots)
  • Multigrain Mac & Cheese with broccoli
  • Classic Chicken Nuggets with corn and peas

Cooper loved all of his meals. I was struggling to get him to eat his Nurture Life meals and he flat out refused when I wasn’t home to force the issue. But these meals he truly likes and enjoys, which is huge! Plus, I love that they have a ton of veggies. Broccoli, carrots, corn, peas, mashed potatoes and so much more. I feel good that he is getting a wholesome, tasty meal and I don’t have to spend any more than 2 minutes making it!

His six meal plan costs us just under $50. True this is pricey for kids meals but for me, not having to cook, especially during the summer when we are out enjoying ourselves most of the day, is a huge deal and worth the money. I think it is especially beneficial if you are busy and need a bit of extra help from time to time.

There are 18 different meals to choose from so each week you can customize your box with something a little different. So far all of the meals have been enjoyable for Cooper and we haven’t come across anything he truly didn’t want to eat.

Also, another major benefit of the program is the more boxes you order, you can earn rewards and receive discounts of your future boxes, which helps offset the cost!

A couple of things I wish could be improved upon. First, the website mentions that you receive a welcome package and some activities in your boxes and we didn’t receive anything–just the meals. I wish we had received these extra items because it makes the process seem a bit more fun and exciting!

Second, for some reason my meals were delivered a day later two weeks in a row. Not sure why but they were still cold and we could still eat them.

Third, I wish there were a few more options to choose from or had some rotating options as the meal selections are the same every week. I would like to see some seasonal items or just a bit of a change so help expand my child’s palate.

Overall, I’m pleased with the service mainly because Cooper loves the meals and it is no work for me! So until he starts eating what we eat, this is a great option for us. Hope you enjoyed this Yumble Review.

Until next time!

By Brittany, August 8, 2019
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