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My Favorite Things {September}

  • September 2, 2019
  • By Brittany
My Favorite Things {September}

Whew! September, how’d you get here so fast!?!? I totally dropped the ball on my August favorite things because one minute it was July and now look where we are!? How come summer flies by so fast but winter lasts sooooo long?

In any event, I’ve got some great things for you this month as we head back into our routines and the kids head back to school! Here are My Favorite Things September!


The US Tennis Open! We used to attend the actual event every year when we lived in NYC. It’s hard to watch it from a distance and not wish we were there experiencing it live but tennis is one of the few sports I can actually get behind watching on TV. I am super into tennis lately and have been playing 2-3x per week during the summer so I’m picking up some skills from the pros!

I’m also watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. I’ve been a fan since season 1 so I was pretty excited for the release of season 3 on August 23rd. The show has caused some controversy due to its intense content but I think it is addressing issues teenagers face in a new sort of way.


The Cactus by Park Row. I loved this book! It was full of dry humor and the main character reminded me a bit of Angela from The Office. It was a highly entertaining, easy read and full of feminism!


Way way back when meal delivery services first entered the scene, I did a review of Plated and back then it was by far my favorite. These days there are so many options on the market and I’ve been loving Home Chef. However, Plated sent me a promo this summer and I went back because I love how their menu focuses on seasonality, a variety of cuisines and tastes and the options are huge.

Roasted Zucchini Bibimbap

I was so happy I did! We had so many great meals this summer! A few of my favorites include the Mediterranean Mezze Plate, Fish Taco Bowl, the Monterey Jack and Salsa Pizza, Roasted Zucchini Bibimbap and the Indian Butter Chicken (I almost just started listing every single recipe we ordered in the last two months!).

I’m remaking a bunch of them now since you get to keep the recipes. There’s nothing like enjoying a great meal for the second time!

Monterey Jack and Salsa Pizza


We recently wrapped up our annual week on Cape Cod and we couldn’t have asked for a better time. We debated leaving the little little guy at home but we ended up being so glad we took him with us! He even slept through an entire movie at the drive-in theater!!

A few highlights included our annual dinner at 28 Atlantic at Wequassett Resort. If you are ever in the area, this is an absolute must for me.

Of course, endless beach days! Ice cream and mini golf. And the clambake at Chatham Bars Inn.

I recently hurt my knee from overuse so I really had to dial it back, especially where barre is concerned. I went back to basics with pilates and really dove in deep to my core and strengthening, stretching and balancing my muscles to help prevent future injuries. I have been loving my arc by Balanced Body. It is portable, easy to use and feels amazing! Plus, it is pretty inexpensive in terms of pilates equipment but it creates a ton of options for workouts.

What are you loving this month?

Until next month!

By Brittany, September 2, 2019
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