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What’s New at BBF?

  • October 28, 2019
  • By Brittany
What’s New at BBF?

Hey all! I know you’ve been wondering what’s been happening over here at BBF, so I’ll let you in on a little secret. Tons!

Here’s what you might have missed:

Facebook Live!

I went live on Facebook! Thanks to everyone who joined me for the Live Facebook Barre class. It was a ton of fun and it totally kicked my booty! I’m planning on doing more like this in the future so stay tuned for details!

I also posted this little mini class! It was my practice run before promoting the real deal but it was a fun little class as well!

Studio Barre 2

Part 2 of my five part Studio Series, Studio Barre 2 is sure to challenge even the most seasoned barre addict! This class was so fun to put together!

Barre For Flexibility

I put together a few shorter classes recently for those who don’t have a ton of time to workout. A fun class was this Barre for Flexibility Class. I also included two shorter workouts: Quick Upper Body Sequence and Quick Mat Workout.

Beach Mat Barre 2

I totally love this Beach Mat Barre series! This is a four part series and part 2 was just released! Plus as the weather gets cooler, it’s nice to see these beach videos!

Babies at the Barre™

I recently released the Babies at the Barre™ series for download. This postnatal program is perfect for moms bouncing back after baby who want to get in a great workout without getting a babysitter! You can read all about it here!

I have a whole bunch more fun stuff planned for you guys! I sat down one day and did a 90 day plan so I have so much great stuff. Hope you guys are enjoying and if you ever have questions or comments, reach out at!

By Brittany, October 28, 2019
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