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Favorite Things {February}

  • February 12, 2020
  • By Brittany
Favorite Things {February}

I feel like I’ve been hacking my life lately. So many things to make it better, more organized and more productive. So I’m excited to share my favorites with you this month and maybe you can hack your life a bit too. Get ready for a long one!


I recently started following along to the Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine book club and I’m loving it. I’m reading like crazy and then also supplementing with Audible. Plus, I love that the books picked are written by women about strong women characters.

I finished the January book, Such a Fun Age, and really enjoyed it although I didn’t love the ending. I also read The Whisper Network, which I totally loved! So so good.

I recently finished And Then She Was Gone. This thriller/mystery was really interesting and a bit sad. I figured it all out pretty early on but the characters are so interesting I wanted to keep reading.

Next up, Long Bright River.


As I mentioned, I recently signed up for Audible to enjoy in the car or on Uber trips. I like being able to listen to a book but man it takes a long time! My first book was 13 hours and even at 1.25 speed it still took a month!

I finished American Royals. It was cute, a little predictable but enjoyable. Except for the very end when I realized it had a sequel!! Sorry but the drama in the book isn’t that interesting that it needs to be dragged out for another 13 hours of my life! I wish I had known this before starting!

Next up is The Scent Keeper, this month’s Reese x Hello Sunshine pick.

I’m also listening to The Skimm Daily podcast. I started with their daily am newsletters and I’m hooked! The podcast is only about 10-15 minutes so it is the perfect bite-sized bit of news.

If you aren’t familiar, The Skimm is a female-focused site designed to keep you informed of the issues and events that are happening in our world now. It takes the biggest stories and puts them into digestible bits. If you are like me and want to know what is going on but barely have time to figure out what day it is, this is for you (the podcast also gives you the date FYI).
And if you need more info, the site provides more in depth guides on important things like the 2020 election. I highly recommend!


The Everygirl and The Everymom. I found The Everygirl way way back before kids and loved it back then but I kind of fell off the wagon. Well I’m back on and hacking my life. They have really awesome lifestyle articles.

One of my current favorites is Bringing the Montessori Method Home and Montessori-ing Your Kids Toys. I used to scoff at the Montessori Method but after my obsession with Lovevery I became interested in the method. Then when I started reading these articles on The Everymom, I became hooked and it is now our lifestyle!

Aside from kid-focused stuff, I also love their home inspiration, meal advice and fashion advice.


I feel like there was noooo TV and all of a sudden there is allll the TV. My favorites like Grey’s and This is Us are back but more importantly are some new releases coming. Homeland—yes!!! This is the final season, bring it on.
Narcos Mexico Season 2. Love love love this show and it is one the hubs and I can watch together.

Little Fires Everywhere- coming in March. So excited. I loved this book and I cannot wait for this to be on screen. It is a little bit like Big Little Lies, another absolute favorite.

I’m also bingeing Gilmore Girls after this awesome article on The Everymom.


I’ve been injured lately and it has been hugely depressing for someone who lives to be active. So I’m taking my mind off things a bit by taking my head out of the fitness clouds and putting it somewhere else, like in the makeup clouds.

I recently signed up for Masterclass after about 1,000 ads in Facebook, my favorite being the Bobbi Brown ad. She hooked me and I’m in the middle of her Masterclass trying to up my makeup game. So far I have come away with several useful tips. I still have a ways to go so I will keep you updated. I’m also looking forward to Serena William’s class on tennis and Misty Copeland’s ballet Masterclass.

Hope you enjoyed and found something useful!

By Brittany, February 12, 2020
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