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What’s New at BBF

  • March 9, 2020
  • By Brittany
What’s New at BBF

Hello my lovely friends! How have you been? I’m so excited to share what has been happening in the BBF Studio lately. Come with me on this journey and let’s check it out!

First up, I’m so excited about my latest program, Sculpt a Dancer’s Body! I created this program after getting so many questions from clients on how they can sculpt a dancer’s body. Well the answer is, workout like a dancer!

This is a downloadable program available at one price ($34.99) and it is yours to keep forever! It includes 9 new full-length videos and surprise bonus content to be added soon! Not to mention you also get a Sculpt a Dancer’s Body Guide, my Clean Eating Guide and a Calendar. Check it out!

Remember last month when I told you all about the brand new 10 minute quick videos I was posting to help out those short on time? Well guess what? I’ve got MORE of those coming your way!

10 Minute Towel Arms

I’m kind of obsessed with my towel! It is such an easy prop but it is so effective! I used it for this quick 10 Minute Towel Arm workout and man were my arms burning at the end!

10 Minute Towel Abs

This time my towel is making an appearance for this 10 minute towel abs video. It is the perfect solution if you don’t have sliders at home or if you want to mimic a pilates reformer workout. These pikes are no joke! Check it out!

10 Minute Booty Band

I love my booty band. It is so effective for toning the entire body and I actually take it with me when I travel. This quick 10 Minute Booty Band video will have those glutes on fire!

Studio Barre 6

You thought the Studio Barre Series was done! In fact, Studio Barre 6 has just been released and this one is tough. It doesn’t use a ton of equipment but it is so effective. One of my favorite barre classes for sure!

Pilates Stick and Barre Classes

My Pilates Stick is one of my favorite pieces of home equipment. It isn’t pricey in terms of how much pilates equipment can cost but it gives a really great workout! I love mixing it up and using it for my barre classes (hello unstable barre!) and using it to mimic pilates equipment like the tower.

I’ve created a new program called the Pilates Stick & Barre Classes program that allows you to download these videos. It’s super cool because if you are just looking for pilates stick classes, you don’t need to be a monthly subscription member to own these videos. They are downloadable and include 6 full-length videos!

Here’s a preview of one of the 6 videos!

Another thing that is new this month are new categories to help you find what you are looking for faster. You’ll still see categories for “Barre” and “Pilates” to give you all the full- and medium-length videos in this category, but you’ll also see new categories for “Quick Workouts” and “Medium-Length Workouts” and you’ll see Prop categories so you can know what props you’ll need right away. For example, “Weights/Barre” use (guess what!?!), weights and a barre while “Weights/Barre/Ball” use weights, barre and a ball. Pretty easy huh? Let me know how you like the new categories!

By Brittany, March 9, 2020
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