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What’s New at BBF

  • June 2, 2020
  • By Brittany
What’s New at BBF

I’m in this weird place where I feel like absolutely no time is passing but also I’ve been here foreeeeeeever! Anyone else have the quarantine blues? Well hopefully this will make you feel much better with the latest fun videos in the BBF Studio! Check out what’s new at BBF.

I’ve created a new series called the Quads. Each set in the series contains 4 videos choreographed to compliment each other either by the use of the prop, a focus or speciality. Generally each set will include 1 full-length barre video, 1 mat barre video, 1 Power Barre and 1 HIIT the Barre® or 1 30 minute barre.

Want to know more? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Signature Barre– The signature barre class works every part of the body from top to toe including cardio! You’ll work up a sweat, burn the muscles and leave the class feeling toned and amazing! We start with low-impact cardio warm-up then move onto upper body followed by lower body at the barre and finish on the mat with core and stretch.
  • Mat Barre– Mat Barre takes the standing work you love about barre and brings it down onto the mat. It is like pilates cooler older sister. We start standing with a warm up and upper body before digging deep into the legs, glutes and abs on the mat.
  • Power Barre– Power Barre takes the barre out of the class and focuses on toning that can be done at home with small props. Get ready to sweat because cardio is included!
  • HIIT the Barre®– HIIT the Barre® is all the cardio you want from your barre class. Combining high intensity interval training with barre toning this workout will help you reach your goals.

I’m super excited for these new videos and I think you will really love them! Get ready because I’ll film one warm-up and cool down that will be included in all videos in the set. Now for the series debut–this one is focused completely on No Equipment so you can do the workouts at home without worrying about whether you have all the equipment you need. Check it out!

Barre- No Equipment

This new barre class uses no equipment so get ready! Check out the sneak peek.

Get the full length workout here.

Mat Barre- No Equipment

This mat barre class will make you burn even without the aid of equipment. See you on the mat!

Get the full length workout here.

Power Barre- No Equipment

Check out the first Power Barre class in the BBF Studio. I think you are going to love this one!

Get the full-length workout here.

HIIT the Barre®- No Equipment

One of my all time favorite workout and this one doesn’t even use a barre. Use a wall for the barre section!

Get the full length workout here.

Mat Barre 1

This is one of my all-time favorite mat barre classes. It is challenging. It is fun. You have to do it!

Get the full length class here.

Advanced Dance Cardio

I’m super excited for this dance cardio class. It was months in the making and I’m obsessed with it! It is advanced because I don’t really breakdown the moves. You just have to go for it!

Get the full length class here.

Barre- Towel Class

Grab your towel for this fun barre class. The towel (or a paper plate!) can act like a slider. Check it out!

Get the full length workout here.

Mat Barre- Towel Class

You never knew a simple hand or dish towel could provide so many ways to add resistance to your mat barre or pilates workout!

Get the full length class here.

HIIT the Barre®- Towel Off!

Grab your towel because you are going to sweat in this HIIT the Barre® class!

Get the full length class here.

And stay tuned for Power Barre Towel Class coming soon!

Hope you are enjoying the classes and I’ll see you at the barre soon!

By Brittany, June 2, 2020
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