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Holiday Gift Guide: Dancing Diva

  • November 30, 2020
  • By Brittany
Holiday Gift Guide: Dancing Diva

People ask me allll the time what I do for cardio and it’s simple. I dance. I mean I truly love turning on music and dancing my heart out. There is nothing better than the endorphin high of a good dance workout. Whether you are a serious cardio queen or just like turning on some tunes and getting your groove on, I’ve got the list of the best holiday gifts for dancers.

  1. JUST DANCE– I have always loved Just Dance and guess what?!? There is a 2020 version out. So so fun and great songs too. Even if you have two left feet you can do this program!
  2. RYKA DANCE SHOE– These shoes are super cute plus the bottoms make it easier to turn and move unlike running shoes and cross training shoes, which can be way too grippy for dance classes. Plus they offer great support.
  3. AIRPODS– I used to try and crank the sound on my computer and tv but I always got complaints from other family members. I started using my Airpods and I actually really love it because the sound is right there in my airs and I feel more into the music.
  4. ALO YOGA RIPPED LEGGINGS I love these ripped leggings. They are so cool. Perfect for dance cardio!
  5. BBF STUDIO SUBSCRIPTION– Looking for dance cardio classes? BBF Studio has dance cardio with more classes being added. Look for amazing music you know and love plus creative choreography.
  6. ALO YOGA CROP TANK- I love this crop tank top for dance classes. It has just the right amount of crop!
  7. WRIST WEIGHTS– Want to add a little extra resistance to your dance class and make it a littler harder? Or get a great arm workout? Then add these wrist weights on and you will definitely feel the burn.
  8. APPLE WATCH– My Apple Watch is my most favorite piece of “workout equipment”. I wear it every day and I love it. Just click on the “dance” workout and you are good to go!
  9. BOMBAS– My absolute all time favorite socks are these Bombas socks. They are super comfy and just the right amount of thickness.

Enjoy your holiday gifts dancing divas!

By Brittany, November 30, 2020
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