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Barre Burn Challenge: Day 6

  • May 22, 2021
  • By Brittany
Barre Burn Challenge: Day 6

I’m guessing you signed up for the Barre Burn Challenge because you want challenging and fun workouts designed to build strength, tone your body and keep your mind occupied. All this without having to think and plan what you are going to do each day.

If you’re like me, you want to exercise but sometimes committing to a workout can be difficult. Whether you have trouble finding one you like or you aren’t exactly sure what you should be doing, you want to ensure that your valuable time is well spent.

Maybe you feel like there is nothing out there for you that will fit your schedule, budget and interest.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way?

The problem of not knowing what workouts to do to get results?

The problem of not being able to stick to and complete a program you want so badly to work?

The problem of wanting to look and feel confident at the beach this summer without giving up everything you love?

There is a solution!

The Barre to Beach Program was created specifically to provide challenging and effective workouts that are designed to tone up your body, boost your confidence and allow you to have fun.

Barre to Beach is the perfect solution to help you get on track for the summer so you can feel amazing when you hit the beach! This 5 Week Program is designed to sculpt and tone your body and build your confidence.

If you enjoyed the mini classes in the Barre Burn Challenge, you will LOVE the workouts in the Barre to Beach Program.

Every week get 3 new full-length classes to help prepare you for beach season!  These classes are fun, challenging and guaranteed to make you sweat.

What do you get with the Barre to Beach Series?

  • 15 full-length brand new workouts
  • Amazing music (top 40 and radio hits) to motivate you
  • Fully downloadable workouts (no buffering!)
  • Pay once and get the workouts for life (no reoccurring payments)
  • A 30 Day Clean Eating Plan
  • 5 Week Calendar to keep you on track
  • 3 different kinds of workouts: Barre, HIIT the Barre® and Mat Barre

These classes are taken straight from my live class notes so you will be challenged!  The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your living room.  

Find out why this is by far the MOST popular program I have to offer!

The process is simple:
1. Head on over to

2. Click “Buy”

3. You have immediate and lifetime access to all of the classes. Remember, they are all downloadable so you can do them on- or offline!

Don’t forget to download the calendar so you know what workouts to do when!

Now, I have to congratulate you! You’ve made it to Day 6 of the Barre Burn Challenge! The FINAL day! And to celebrate I’m giving you a delicious barre stretch. Let your muscles take a well deserved break while focusing on increasing your flexibility.

Don’t skip today’s workout! Increasing your flexibility will help you be able to workout harder, longer and better. You will get better results when you are able to do the barre moves with increased range of motion and this happens through flexibility training. So today’s workout is just as important as every other day this week!

Let’s finish strong!

By Brittany, May 22, 2021
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