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Barre Workout

Hey there!  Hope you are having a great day!  I’ve got something really cool for you today!  You know how much I LOVE barre classes, well I’ve got a full length video I’ve filmed of a barre workout.*       Music playlist: Get Outta My Way- Kylie Minogue Catch My Breath- Kelly Clarkson Blackout-Breathe…

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Avatar By Brittany, June 6, 2013
Physique Cardio

Physique Cardio

Hello!  Happy weekend to all!  Hope you are making the most of it!  The hubs came home from Mexico again (yay!) so I made another meal from the Essentials of Italian Cooking, which I’ll post about later this week.  I also had the chance to check out my friend coaching a Special Olympics meet.  It’s…

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Avatar By Brittany, April 14, 2013

Barre Week- Barre Workout Playlist

Happy weekend everyone!  Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!  I have a quick update: you may have heard of this new company called FitKit, which provides you with a customized vitamin regimen based on the company’s lifestyle and health quiz.  Well, they asked me to write an article for their blog so you can see…

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Avatar By Brittany, March 9, 2013
Barre Week- Look the Part

Barre Week- Look the Part

Hey all!  Now that you know which barre classes to take or what home barre workouts to buy and what moves to expect, all you need is to look the part!  Today I’ll provide you with the hottest clothing and accessories look hot in your barre class and the equipment you’ll need for your at-home…

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Avatar By Brittany, March 8, 2013

Barre Week- Learn the Moves

Hello all!  Now that you’ve read all about the Best Barre Classes in NYC and the Best At-Home Barre Workouts, it’s time to learn the moves that make up these classes.  I’ve put together some examples of moves that you would see in a typical barre class.  Check out the moves below!    

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Avatar By Brittany, March 7, 2013
Barre Week- Best At-Home Barre Workouts

Barre Week- Best At-Home Barre Workouts

Hello all!  I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s run-down of the Top Barre Classes in NYC!  It was a great way to start off Barre Week!  However, I thought it unfair that all my non-NYC readers should be left out of Barre Week, so today I have the Best At-Home Barre Workouts for you!  Check out…

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Avatar By Brittany, March 6, 2013
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