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Brittany Bendall is a hardcore barre and pilates instructor with a passion for staying fit and living a healthy and amazing life! She started her journey to fitness at a young age when she did her mother’s Jane Fonda exercise videos in the living room. She then developed her choreography and technique in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance classes for over 20 years. She began teaching ballet, jazz and fitness classes in high school. Brittany fell in love with teaching fitness and has been developing and teaching fitness classes ever since. She has a passion for helping others on their journey to stronger, healthier and more balanced beings.

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Brittany has developed barre classes based on her years of ballet and dance training, as well as her extensive knowledge of modern barre technique.  Her classes are upbeat, challenging and fun.  In her pilates classes, Brittany fuses classical pilates with more modern moves to create a super challenging class.

She is the creator of HIIT the Barre™, an ingenious method of combining barre technique with high intensity interval training to provide the toning of barre classes with the cardio of HIIT classes.  She has also created Bump at the Barre®, a method of prenatal barre fitness that takes into account the special considerations of women while pregnant.

Brittany is a pioneer in the industry leading live online barre and pilates classes, as well as high-quality, challenging online streaming videos.  She is the author of an e-book titled HIIT the Barre and has been blogging about her love for fitness, barre, pilates, travel, fashion and more for the last five years.

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