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FitBALL Mini Exercise Ball


The pilates ball is a great tool for adding extra resistance to your pilates workout.  It also helps you get a greater range of motion in some postures.  Using the ball in between your ankles or thighs can activate your deep abdominal muscles, a notoriously difficult area to train.  The ball can also be used to help increase your stretch.

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  • Lengthen from head to toe. Perfect for enhancing core muscle activation, body rolling techniques and postural re-setting activities. Improves balance, posture, core strength and overall stability.
  • A Must-Have Fitness Prop. Our exercise ball is designed to be universally helpful. That’s why it can be used in conjunction with Yoga, Pilates, Crossfit or other training routines.
  • Physical Therapist Recommended. Part of getting healthy is regaining lost strength due to pregnancy, injury or sickness. Our Pilates ball allows you to improve muscle groups and balance with a low impact support.
  • Soft, light and burst resistant ball, allows to perform a wide range of exercises that vary from muscle strengthening to low-impact exercises.
  • Anti-burst balls do not include a valve, but rather have a plug to withstand high pressure. This requires a straw for inflation. Straw & Plug kit included.


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