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New Video: BarBall Tone

New Video: BarBall Tone

BarBall Tone is a full-length barre workout using a playground ball for the entire class.  The ball will add extra resistance, increase instability to challenge the muscles and help target specific muscle groups on a deeper level. A new mid-month video is here at BBF!  Another full-length barre class is up on the site and…

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By Brittany, October 16, 2017
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Barre Workout: Barre Chair

Barre Workout: Barre Chair

This quick barre workout focuses on the legs.  It is short but intense!  By the end you will get the term “barre chair.” It has been awhile since I posted a workout!  With all the time spent making videos, I sometimes forget that some of us like to look at photos to workout.  When I…

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By Brittany, October 10, 2017
Barre at the Beach: Mat Work

Barre at the Beach: Mat Work

Hi all!  Happy Wednesday.  Btw, did you know yesterday was International Woman’s Day?  I hope you did something nice for a woman in you life! Do you remember waaaaay back when I posted Barre at the Beach: Standing Barre, well I completely forgot about part 2–Barre at the Beach: Mat Work!  What was I thinking!?…

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By Brittany, March 9, 2016
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