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Australia Wrap Up

Australia Wrap Up

Heeeelllloooo!  I didn’t mean to take such a long break since my last post but we have been busy, busy, busy!  It’s funny but when Cooper was born, I thought that things would get easier once he got older (i.e., I would have more time to myself).  Now, I want to laugh at that naive…

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By Brittany, May 9, 2017
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The Best Active Vacations

The Best Active Vacations

It’s absolutely no secret that I LOVE to travel.  The Hubs and I try to take at least one big trip a year and pepper in some smaller getaways throughout the year.  This has nothing everything to do with the fact that we are both beach lovers stuck in the coldest climate ever six months out of…

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By Brittany, April 15, 2014
Facing Your Fears and Coming Out on Top

Facing Your Fears and Coming Out on Top

Hi there!  How was your weekend?  Hope you had a good one.  Today I want to talk about fear.  Everyone has fear of some kind, whether it be rational or irrational, the jump out and scare you kind or the I’m-not-sure-I-can-do-this kind.  The point is, it is a human emotion that we all share.  Fear…

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By Brittany, March 9, 2014
Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley

Hello friends!  Did you have a nice weekend?  It was in the 50s here this weekend and it felt soooo good (side note- something is wrong when you think 50s is warm . . .).  Also, has anyone else noticed the sun has been setting at 5:40pm!!!  I can hear spring calling me and I…

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By Brittany, February 23, 2014
Sydney: The Beaches and More!

Sydney: The Beaches and More!

Hello all!  Hope you enjoyed a fabulous weekend.  We had a relaxing low key one over here.  Luckily the Hubs will NOT be in Mexico this week so I am looking forward to an entire week with another person around. Yay! We’ve almost completed our tour around Australia! Today I have Sydney Part 2 for…

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By Brittany, February 9, 2014
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Hello all!  Hope you had a great weekend!  Since some of us were probably up a bit late last night watching the commercials the Superbowl, today’s post is going to be a lot of photos.  I didn’t want to tax your brain too much.  You’re welcome.   So far on our trip around Australia we’ve…

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By Brittany, February 3, 2014
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Brittany Bendall is a hardcore barre and pilates instructor with a passion for staying fit and living a healthy and amazing life!

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Excellent workout as always. It's challenging, fun and easily one of my favorite workouts!
Fantastic class! Great technique pointers. Always new exercises to challenge oneself!
I am excited to take classes with Brittany in person this summer! I have followed Brittany online for some time. I particularly like the Barre and Pilates workout videos. Her workout techniques reflect current thinking and best practices. She supports all levels of fitness. Definitely worth a try!
Brittany is the BEST. She is inspirational, motivational and innovative. No two classes are ever the same. I'm sad when the summer classes end, but I'm looking forward to checking out her online classes this fall and winter.
My wife and I decided to give Balance Barre Fitness a try and we were not disappointed. We thought the classes would be pretty easy but were surprised at how rigorous they were. The class was great for working on our coordination and core strength. I don't get to many ...
Challenging but FUN! Officially addicted!

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