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Pilates reformer

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The Best Pilates Reformer (for all prices ranges)

The Best Pilates Reformer (for all prices ranges)

You’ve been attending pilates reformer classes now for awhile and you’ve decided that you are a big fan of the reformer and all it can do for your pilates practice.  You are ready to take it to the next level and want to start practicing in your own home.  But which machine should you buy?  …

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Avatar By Brittany, January 12, 2022
Pilates Reformer Fakeout

Pilates Reformer Fakeout

A couple of days ago I wrote about trying out the PIlates Reformer for the first time.  Well, I was so surprised by how much I actually really liked the reformer class but its an additional cost at the gym and it ain’t cheap!  So I thought about some of the moves we did in…

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Avatar By Brittany, January 8, 2013
Try Something New

Try Something New

How is everyone doing on their New Year’s Resolutions so far?  Hope you are sticking with things!!  Today’s Jumpstart January tip is to try something new.  Whether it be a new recipe or a new type of workout, trying out new ways to stay healthy will keep you motivated and make healthy living a little…

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Avatar By Brittany, January 5, 2013
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