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At-Home Cycling Workout

O.k. I have to show you my dinner from last night and tonight.  Ready?   It was un-believeably good!  Now let me tell you how to make it. First, you open the packages, then you cook the salmon and microwave the veggies and then you eat!.  Did you think I was going to go into…

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Avatar By Brittany, January 23, 2013
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Flywheel- Never Coast!

Flywheel- Never Coast!

So I have been going to Soul Cycle for a long time and always thought it was great.  The atmosphere is motivating, the studio is cool and the workout is killer.  But lately, well, I have been gettin a leeeetle used to it.  So, a co-worker suggested we try out Flywheel.  She knows that I…

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Avatar By Brittany, August 22, 2012
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