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Thirty Under Thirty

  • July 26, 2012
  • By Brittany
Thirty Under Thirty



So I have a little over six months before the big 3-0 bday.  I have to say, my twenties have been great.  I feel like they were jam packed-college, graduation, meeting my future husband, moving to another country (!), master’s degree, moving back to the U.S., law school, bar exam, becoming a lawyer…I’m tired just remembering it all!  Well, in my typical style, I thought is appropriate to jam in a few more things before I hit my 30s.  I want to exit my twenties with a bang and be ready to go for another jam packed decade!  Below is my list of the 30 things I want to accomplish before (gulp) 30!

1. Get Married

2. Go whitewater rafting!

3. Complete a sprint triathlon.

4. Redecorate and reorganize apartment.

5. Host a fancy dinner party.

6. Create a financial plan.

7. Create a list of life goals and the steps to take to reach those goals.  Take at least one step in each goal.  Organize goals into five and ten year plans.

8. Pick a charity to get involved in and then actually get involved.

9. Check things off my NYC Must See and Do List!

10. Buy a plant.

11. PIck three news sites to visit each day-actually visit and read them.

12. Go hot air ballooning.

13. Finish my ACE certification!

14. Create my blog (can you say DONE!). O.k. now I have to promote it!

15. Develop a routine to prevent wrinkles.

16. Buy a bottle of wine to age.

17. Create a wedding scrapbook.

18. Go rockclimbing!

19. Take a cooking class.

20. Learn another language.

21. Plan my next vacay.

22. Apply to be on a reality TV show.

23. Do something that it totally and completely out of my comfort zone.

24. Figure out a job that I want to do for the rest of my life (o.k. foreseeable future).

25. Organize closets.  Keep them organized (must develop a plan).

26. Create an inspiration book.

27. Try snowshoeing.

28. Buy one “real” piece of furniture.

29. Buy self one luxury item as 30th birthday present.

30. Turn 30 in style!

Check back with me to see my progress on my list!

Readers, do you have a list of things you would like to accomplish before reaching a milestone in your life?



By Brittany, July 26, 2012
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