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Hola Amigos from Mexico City

  • February 26, 2013
  • By Brittany

Hola amigos!  I mentioned before that the hubs was sent to Mexico for six (!) weeks for work.  Well, luckily his has been able to fly back several weekends.  Even luckier, his employer agreed to fly me down for the weekend, so on Friday afternoon, I said goodbye to gloomy New York and hello to sunny skies!  When I think of Mexico I always think of lying on white sand staring at azure waves, but Mexico City is a cosmopolitan urban oasis.  The hubs is staying Polanco, a more affluent neighborhood in M.C.  The climate provides a conducive environment for outdoor cafes, shops and parks.  A few other fun facts about Mexico City: it is 7,000 feet above sea level, which explains the bit of a headache I had and why I was so tired.  Mexico City was originally a massive lake and settlers built the city on this lake, while taking the water out of the city.  As a result, parts of Mexico City are literally sinking into the ground!  Crazy times.

Here’s the rundown of my weekend in Mexico City!

On Saturday morning after a nice outdoor breakfast, the hubs and I headed out with our guide to the ancient Pyramids.  The Pyramids were absolutely breathtaking.  Our guide told us about the intricate building of the Pyramids and the human sacrifices the ancient settlers made to please the Gods.  At one point in time, hundreds of thousands of people lived by these Pyramids.

Pyramids 8 Pyramids 7 Pyramids 6 Pyramids 5 Pyramids 4 Pyramids 3 Pyramids 2 Pyramids 1

This Pyramid was 250 feet high.  It was quite the climb in the heat and with the altitude!  Amazing!

After a long day of hiking the Pyramids, we naturally had to head out to dinner at one of the world’s top 50 restaurants– you know, just an average Saturday night.  Pujol was an amazing 10 course degustation menu.  I think my favorite part was that I didn’t feel like I had eaten 10 courses when I was done!  That and the fact that the menu was entirely in Spanish and I had no idea what I was eating but I knew it was good!

Check out the amuse bouche we had:


So cool!  It was this smoked corn that came out in a coconut looking bowl with smoke streaming from the top.  Here is a photo of what the corn looks like from Pujol’s website:


They also lit my desert on fire!  I kid you not!!


The fire was made by lighting the sorbet drenched in Mezcal.  The Mezcal was a little overwhelming but the fire was awesome!

The entire experience was amazing and the hubs gets huge props for setting it up!

On Sunday, after indulging in some traditional Mexican fare for breakfast, the hubs and I headed out to the historical Mexico City center.  Our first stop was the Opera House.

Opera House 1

Gorgeous, no?

The hubs organized tickets to the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico.  It.was.awesome!

Ballet 1

The dancing was unbelievable!  It was highly traditional with a lot of intricate footwork.

Ballet 2

The costumes were bright and colorful, so of course I loved them!

Ballet 3

And the music was traditional mariachi.

Ballet 4 Ballet 5 Ballet 6

So fun!  After the ballet, we walked around the historical center visiting a large Catholic cathedral, which was made even more interesting because they had a traditional Catholic mass, including a processional going on.


Historical Mexico 5

Historical Mexico 3

We also saw some amazing murals by Diego Riveria in the capital building.

And just generally enjoyed cruising around.

Historical Mexico 1 Opera House 2 Historical Mexico 2

Before long though it was time for me to head home and my whirlwind romance with Mexico City was over.  After the past two weekends of jet setting, I think this weekend I need to take it easy and do some laundry!

Readers, have you been to Mexico City, if so, what did you think?  Any other cities you’ve been to that were a great experience?


By Brittany, February 26, 2013
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