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Blake Brody Barre Shoes

  • July 27, 2016
  • By Brittany
Blake Brody Barre Shoes

I want to talk about shoes today.  I mean, is there a more universally popular topic than shoes?  Well, maybe, but shoes are definitely up there.  I am a loyal shoe person.  I find shoes I like and I stick with them.  Recently, I’ve translated this loyalty into my studio shoes.  When I teach barre or pilates I usually either go barefoot or wear sticky socks with grips on the bottom.  I’ve tried wearing my old ballet slippers but found that they were actually way too slippery for the intense movements in barre and pilates that require a lot of grip with your feet.

Recently I tried out Blake Brody Barre shoes and I was pleasantly surprised.  They have a look like ballet slippers but they have been upgraded for barre class.  

What I like about these barre shoes is that they are nice and snug on top so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding in the shoes and it doesn’t pull out to the side when you lift your heels off the floor.  They move right along with you!

Blake Brody Barre Shoes 2

One of my favorite features of the shoe though is the padded arch!  My arches get so sore when they aren’t supported and the pad is a very nice touch for my barre shoes.  This is especially useful if I am teaching a lot of classes or planning to be on my feet for awhile.  

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Blake Brody Barre Shoes 3

And the most important part of the shoe is the grip.  They are made with these smooth translucent grips on the bottom and they work really well.  It is amazing because the bottoms don’t appear to be especially grippy but they are in fact, very grippy!  However, in order to maintain the grip, you must wipe the shoes down after each use.  I’ll be interested to see how they stack up in the long term because some of grippy socks are beginning to lose their grip after several uses and washes.

Blake Brody Barre Shoes 5

The only complaint about the shoe I have is that they are a bit snug in the toes.  Although, on the flip side the heels stay on no problem, which I love!  Sometimes the heels of my socks will come off when I drag my heel along the floor or through some other movement.  The Blake Brody barre shoes don’t budge!

Readers, are you loyal to your shoes?  Do you have a favorite pair of workout shoes?

By Brittany, July 27, 2016
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1 Comment
  • Holly
    August 1, 2016

    Hi Britt! I have tried the Blake Brody studio shoes and they do work well for me in Pilates and most Barre classes. Your review reminds me of why I like them! Also, I have grip-socks that are fabulous (at first) and some that have no useful grip for the studio or gym. I think I just need to have a couple of options with me in my bag.

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